Impregnation Fantasy Of A Fertile Woman Part 2

You stood there in my doorway with half a stiffy already. We both knew it wasn’t just the promise of sex. You were turned on by the thought of getting me pregnant just as much as I was. I couldn’t believe my impregnation fantasy was going to be a reality.

I gently grabbed your hand and guided you into my living room, closing and locking the door behind you. My smile was warm and genuine. You reciprocated it almost like a mirror. Slowly, I led you across the room to my bedroom.

I made my way to my bed and slid onto it, pulling you with me. It was surreal knowing what we were about to do and my body tingled at the thrill.

You crawled on top of me, kissing my neck, your hands wandering over every inch of my body. They rested on my flat belly for a moment before trailing down between my legs. You gingerly teased my clit ever so lightly while the fingers of your other hand rolled my hard nipple between your fingers. My hood exposed the sensitive nerves of my clit for you, wanting more. The pads of your middle finger whispered over it, setting my nerves alight. My lips swelled the hornier I got. Soon, my back arched, my hips tilted back just a bit, and I came, my head swimming. You wanted my orgasm to open up my womb.

Now that I was nice and wet for you, it was time to give me what we both wanted. I wanted to be bread like a bitch in heat because that’s what I was.

“Give it to me,” I pleaded in a low whimper. “Please?”

You took a pillow and put it under my hips so that when you came, it would stay inside me and be even more likely to impregnate me. Your cock felt so good slipping deep inside of me. I reached down to spread my lips apart so that you could get as far in as possible. A moan escaped my throat that was no more than a whisper.

You rested there pulsing inside me before pulling out. Again, you pushed yourself deep into me, filling me up, and making my walls stretch to accommodate you.

Gradually, you picked up speed but made sure to go balls deep with every thrust. My moans grew louder as I came once again but that time it was all over you. You instructed that I hold my next orgasm. I was to wait for you so that when I came, it would pull your cum even deeper into my womb, increasing our chances of getting me pregnant.

Your breath became a pant the closer you got to cumming.

I did what you asked and waited but it was difficult. You felt so good pumping now furiously in and out of me.

I waited, my walls closing in around you, tightening with every pelvic muscle I possessed. Then, abruptly, you were encouraging me to cum, telling me you were so close…..

We came together. I could feel your hot cum shooting deep into my belly. I spasmed around you, my body drinking up your cum like it was dehydrated.

Our breathing slowed as we calmed. You stayed inside me, letting my womb take your seed. We didn’t move because you had more to give me. There was no way I wasn’t getting pregnant that night.


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