Jerking off, Aria instructs you on how to explode part two

Are you ready to really start jerking off for me? I’m ready to watch your face transform into one of pure pleasure. I can’t wait to see your eyes close and mouth open as you pant in pleasure. That is what truly turns me on. Watching you get off…

So take hold o your shaft for me. Not too tight, a nice loose grip at first. Now slowly, from base to tip, stroke up. Then back down to the base. Nice and slow now. Do you feel that throbbing? The pulsation of your shaft? Its almost like you can take your pulse with the vein in your cock!

I can see more pre-cum oozing from the head as you stroke it for me. Make sure you use it to lubricate your shaft. Mmmm just like that. God that is so hot! Now lets go just a little faster. Up and down with that loose grip. That pulse in your cock is getting stronger. Your head is swelling, turning an even darker shade of purple.

The blood is just engorged in your cock, making it fat and bulging.

It feels soooo good doesn’t it? But that kind of good that’s almost painful. You need to cum, but I haven’t given permission yet. You know you need to hold it. So I watch you clench tight, your balls tightening right up against yourself as you continue obediently.

So go faster. Same loose grip, but really start stroking. Up and down. That’s it. Faster. Faster! I want you to stroke as fast as you possibly can until its unbearable! But don’t you dare cum! Don’t you dare explode before I tell you to. You better stroke that cock at maximum speed and not stop. Do not slow down either. I want to make this torture as you hold in your orgasm. Because I want to see you whimper and beg.

I am the gatekeeper of your orgasms after all…

Look at me. Open your eyes and look at me. You need to see my face. I want to be what you see when you finally explode. You are cumming for me. I am the reason you are going to cum. I want you trained so that every time you see my face, you get hard for me. Knowing that I will give you orgasm.

So I move closer to you, I’m on my hand and knees, over your body. When you shoot your load, it;s going to be all over me. I smile down at you serenely. It’s okay, get a firmer grip on your cock. Squeeze nice and tight while you’re stroking. With that added pressure and friction to your speed, your vision starts getting hazy. You’re begging me now, begging me to let you cum.

So I grab your chin and hold your face in place to lock our eyes. That’s when I give the green light. Cum for me. Let it all go. CUM! And oh boy do you ever… With a cry of pleasure you release the contents of your balls all over. The more powerful first shots hit my stomach, the weaker after spurts coat your stomach. And in the end, your cock leaks a stream over your head and down your shaft.

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