Public Lesbian Sex With A MILF Camp Counselor Part 2

My girl counselor was touching my tiny body. She was so sweet to help me take my mind off the storm. What she was doing was working, too. The way she made me feel did take my mind off the loud thunder. It was so warm in bed with her and the sleeping bag covering us.

Her silky soft hands moved down my tummy and she started rubbing my upper legs. I felt the goosebumps rise on my skin. It tickled a little bit. My lips turned up in a smile despite the gloomy weather.

Slowly, she moved my legs apart with her hands. Gently pushing one leg then the other. Then, her fingers worked their way closer to my center. Her hands rubbed in circles, massaging my legs and making me relax. All the while, she was whispering so very sweetly in my ear.

I started giggling but she shushed me into silence. She didn’t want anyone else to wake up and catch us. I asked her if we were doing something bad and if we would get in trouble. She told me that it wasn’t bad what we were doing but it was private and she just didn’t want anyone to interrupt us. I nodded so that she knew I understood.

She smiled as her hand trailed up my legs some more until it was on my center.

I bit down on a gasp because I wanted to be quite. My counselor knew I wanted to be a good girl. Her fingers felt so nice against the smooth, soft skin of my girl parts.

“Does that feel nice?” I nodded at her question. “Do you want me to do something that feels even nicer?” Again, I nodded.

She took me by surprise when she kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue gently prodded my lips open and she slid it inside. I couldn’t believe how good she tasted. And I couldn’t believe I was killing like a big girl.

While we kissed her fingers moved inside of me. I couldn’t help but make a little noise but any that I made was muffled by her mouth against mine. She curled those fingers inside and massaged a spot that felt even better than anywhere else. My hips moved up and down on their own as she pushed and pulled her fingers in and out.

That tightness in my belly grew even tighter.

Then, all of a sudden, it released and relaxed. I could feel my insides spasming and then something warm slipped out of me.

“Good girl,” my counselor praised. “Let’s see if I can make you do that again. You do want it to happen again, don’t you?” I nodded with a wide smile.

“Please?” I whimpered quietly. “It was so nice. Please do it again.”

She giggled softly as she started kissing her way down my body. Her fingers were still inside of me. I didn’t know it at the time but they would be there all night.

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