Impregnation Fantasy Of A Fertile Woman Part 1

Even though I’ve never had any, I’ve always had an impregnation fantasy. Come to think of it, that might be why I have one. I’ve always wanted the round, firm pregnant belly, the swollen tits full of milk, and the feeling of intimacy with someone. It’s one thing to have sex, but when there’s either the risk of or the guarantee that the end result will be a positive pregnancy test, well…there’s just something about it.

I went to this clinic. It was a place almost like a sperm bank. Instead of just picking out sperm, the woman could pick out an entire man. I got to look at pictures and pick out some handsome men. That was step one of the process.

The next thing I got to take a look at was a complete genetic profile. It had important things like the medical history of not only him but his entire family. The genetic profile also showed IQ, career choice, grades all throughout his school career, and a few other creative tests and various types of intelligence quiz scores. That is to say, all seven types of intelligence.

I initially picked out half a dozen men I wanted to get me pregnant and started the process of elimination from there. He had to be at least as intelligent as I am. My IQ (for real) is 142 so he had to have at least a 130. That eliminated two possible candidates.

I had to admit, the whole process in and of itself was pretty erotic and I was getting damp in my panties. Knowing what was to come, the anticipation, the adrenaline, all of it was an aphrodisiac. I couldn’t wait to choose the right man to knock me up.

It was like shopping, but so much better.

After going through various things, I finally selected the perfect guy to impregnate me. Step three of the process was a date. We went out to dinner, chatted, and I asked you some questions. It was about getting to know each other a little bit and to solidify the decision. Also, if I wanted to back out for any reason or pick someone else, it gave me the time to do so.

You were charming, sweet, and funny. We set up a time for you to come over to my apartment and make some baby batter. Yeah, I said it. By the time it was all said and done, there was a wet spot in my chair when I left the restaurant.

It was too late to back out. Nor did I want to. I wanted to get pregnant.

We picked a time that I was at my most fertile. Even though I was ovulating, I took some things to further increase the chances of me getting pregnant. The last thing I did before you got there was take a few “before” pictures. I admired my flat stomach, small tits, and slender figure for a few minutes before putting my clothes on.

Jean shorts, a tank top, a push-up bra, bare feet, and no panties were all I wore. I wanted it to be casual.

The knock on the door almost made me cum. That was how excited I was. But, soon, I’d have that baby bump.


To Be Continued…


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