Cuckold Slave, True Life Story of Interracial Breeding Part 1

This is a true story about a cuckold slave, his wife, and her black lover. Mike and Mary were married for 12 years. Secretly, Mike was very into interracial porn. He has always wanted to see his own wife fucked by a black man, specifically, a black man with a huge cock. It was all simply a fantasy until he went to a work party with his wife.

At this particular work party, Mike, the future coward captive, met his wife’s close co-worker, Darrius. He was an accomplished engineer and a single black man. Almost immediately, Darrius impressed and intimidated Mike. He noticed that his wife seemed to be very comfortable with Darrius and was even mildly flirting with him. So, without really considering the potential ramifications, Mike invited Darrius back to their home as the work party began to wind down.

With a great deal of ‘liquid courage’, the future cuckold slave invited Darrius over to their house. While Mary was upstairs changing into something comfortable, Mike started talking about his hot wife. Darrius agreed and specifically mentioned that she had a great ass. Mike laughed and said, “Yea, she does have a nice ass. It’s too bad that she’s not into black guys.” which offended Darrius immediately. Mike tried to backpedal with a tipsy apology, but Darrius said, “I could have her if I wanted.” and he stood up. Mike thought that he was going to leave and stood up to stop him. Darrius looked Mike in the face and said, “I am going to have her and there is nothing you can do about it.”

When Mike protested, Darrius slapped him.

Stunned, Mike, the wimp servant, apologized and told him there was no need to prove it. Although, in the back of Mike’s mind, he was turned on by Darrius’s assertive confidence. So, it all came spilling out of Mike’s mouth. He told Darrius about his secret kink, his love of interracial porn, and how he’d always fantasized about Mary with a black man. He knew that Mary would never do anything with a black man and it was simply a fantasy.

In his assertive way, Darrius said to Mike, the cuckold servant, “Now, you need to prove it,” and he pulled out his big black dick. Mike as very surprised, but entranced by his big black dick and full balls. Darrius shoved Mike down to his knees and said, “Beg me to fuck your wife! Kiss my balls and beg me to fuck her!” It wasn’t so much a request as it was a demand. Mike couldn’t help it faced with such an enormous cock and balls. He began to kiss and lick Darrius’s balls. “Please! Fuck my wife. Oh please, fuck my wife with your big black cock.” Mike said in a pleading whine.

Darrius allowed his cuckold slave to whine, plead, and beg for several minutes enjoying Mike’s humiliation. He said as he pulled away from Mike, “I’m going upstairs now. You kneel here and wait for 20 minutes. Don’t move an inch. If I haven’t come back down here, you can come upstairs and see for yourself.” Then Darrius went upstairs. Mike half hoped that Darrius would come back downstairs, but he also hoped that after 20 minutes, he would be going upstairs.

Twenty minutes later, Mike got up and walked upstairs.

The wimp servant heard it before he saw it. He could hear moans coming from his bedroom. When he walked through the door, he saw his wife naked, on her knees, and sucking on Darrius’s big black cock. Mary’s back was to the door and Mike was stunned silent. Darrius smiled wickedly at Mike and put a finger to his lips to ensure Mike’s continued silence. “Oh Darrius, it’s so big! It’s so much bigger than my husband’s cock. I’ve never seen one so big. I’m a little scared.” Mary said as she slobbered all over Darrius’s dick. Still, she kept sucking on the head and using both of her hands to stroke it.

As the cuckold slave stood in the doorway, Darrius picked his wife up and threw her on the bed. Mike could see that his wife’s pussy was dripping wet. “Trust me, baby, you’re going to love it so much. You’re never going to want your husband’s little dick again.” Darrius said as he began to push into Mary’s tight, white pussy.

To the coward captive, it seemed like forever before Darrius got his entire cock into his wife’s pussy. She was moaning, groaning, and begging for it all. The entire time, Darrius threw glances as Mike smirking. They fucked for hours while Mike stood there and watched. Of course, Mike pulled out his tiny white dick and stroked it. Mary orgasmed like Mike had never seen previously and several times that night. Her pussy juices drenched the sheets.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Cuckold Slave, True Life Story of Interracial Breeding Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Cuckold Slave, True Life Story of Interracial Breeding parts 1 & 2!

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