Cuckold Slave, True Life Story of Interracial Breeding Part 2

It continued the next morning while Mary was still asleep in bed when Darrius came downstairs and told his coward captive to take out his dick. As a result, Darrius took a picture of both of their dicks with Mike’s phone. “Here’s a reminder for you to look at the next time you even think about fucking your wife.” Darrius laughed and said and asked, “What are you making us for breakfast?” Mike served Darrius and his wife breakfast in bed. “I think that I might stay all weekend,” Darrius said as Mike was leaving the bedroom. Mary said, “I really hope you stay.”

Mike, the cuckold slave, spent most of that weekend downstairs. His wife spent the entire weekend upstairs and in bed with Darrius. Darrius came down a few times to demand food from Mike. He told Mike that white guys fear black dudes and their big black cocks. “Now fix us some lunch and bring it upstairs,” Darrius said and returned to Mike’s wife. Mike fixed lunch. He acted as a servant with all the pleases and thank yous. With confidence, Darrius stood up and said to Mike, “If you’re really thankful, show me.” and he got forceful pushing Mike down to his knees once again. Mike started kissing and licking Darrius’s balls right in front of his wife without even being told. “All white boys are wimps and cowards. Mary, I told you. ” Darrius said. They both smiled and laughed humiliating Mike.

Yet, Mike’s little dick was as hard as it could get in his pants.

Even as the wimp servant worshipped Darrius’s big black balls, Mary and Darrius began kissing and ignoring him once again. It went on this way all weekend. It was Mike’s fantasy. In a way, it was nothing like he’d ever imagined. Darrius left on Sunday saying to Mike, “Your wife’s pussy is mine now.” Mary was depressed when Darrius didn’t call that entire week. Mike thought that it was all over. He’d lived his fantasy for a weekend and now, the weekend was over.  Thursday, Mike tried to get with his wife by trying to eat her pussy and ass, but Mary said to him as she shoved him away, “You need Darrius’s permission to do that now!”

Friday night came and the cuckold slave was watching a movie with his wife. Mary got a text from Darrius and instantly became overjoyed. Then Darrius called and Mary put it on speaker for Mike to hear. “I want you, Mary. You’re all I’ve been thinking about this week. I’m on my way over to you right now. Has your husband been playing by the rules?” he said over the phone. Mary said in response, “He tried to lick my pussy last night, but I wouldn’t let him do it.” and Darrius said, “Okay, I’ll take care of it when I get there.”

Darrius walked in the door like he owned the coward captive’s house and said, “Get down on your knees, Mike and show me some respect.” To his own joy and horror, Mike dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking his big black balls. Mary was all over Darrius too. She was stripping her clothes off as she kissed him. Completely ignoring Mike, Darrius carried Mary up to the bedroom to get reacquainted.

Almost as an afterthought, Darrius said to Mike, “Get naked. I’ll be back to take care of you in a bit.”

Not really knowing exactly what to expect, the cuckold slave did as he was told. Over an hour later, Darrius came back downstairs completely naked in all his Nubian glory holding a belt. “I told you that your wife’s pussy belongs to me now, didn’t I?” and then he grabbed Mike as he continued, “You don’t touch my girl without my permission!” Then Darrius began to whip Mike with the belt. Mike lost count of how many strokes. He was crying and pleading that he would never do it again before Darrius stopped whipping him. He left Mike weeping on the floor downstairs and went back to fucking Mary upstairs.

After about 2 weeks, Darrius packed up his own condo and permanently moved into the captive coward’s house. After he moved-in, he had Mike sign a contract, a slave contract. So then, Mike turned over not only his wife but his house and paycheck to Darrius. Mary is pregnant with Darrius’s baby and Mike is now Darrius’s ball licking slave. Is it his ultimate fantasy? Maybe sometimes you should be careful about what you wish for your life.

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