Zoom is such a risky platform opening you up to let your coworkers and management team into your life. Into the safety and privacy of your own home. It requires a bit of trust and confidentiality. Many people had no choice but to work from home with the pandemic.

Do you have to do online meeting calls with your work due to the changing world and ways of things?

Could you imagine your Goddess laying out the most humiliating outfit in your closet to wear during it? Changing your whole appearance to expose you to the world as the little sissy bitch you actually are. 

A Hidden Closet Sissy… Until your company Zoom meeting. 

Just think how embarrassing it would be to sit down for a meeting in front of all of your co-workers, showing them the true you. The true Sissy behind the male disguise. 

Once known as the prominent secretary that ran around for me taking notes during meetings and answering phones. Turned into the perfect little sissy slut, the whole company seeing all of his sissy shame and humiliation…

Although, I haven’t even told you the best part yet! 

So, after he got all dressed up for the meeting in his dress, after he had shown himself to everyone… the doorbell rang. You see, I like to keep my sluts in suspense as they perform tasks for me, never knowing what’s going to happen next. 

However, I had it all planned out where door dash would deliver his lunch that day during his meeting. With a little something extra. You see, I’m very close friends with the sandwich company’s owner.

Once he opened the package you could see the color drain from his face, as he politely excused himself from our Zoom call. As a result, you could see him quickly turn his camera off…

The next thing I knew, my phone was dinging… “Goddess JADE! I cannot do this!” he squealed in shock.

It took some reassuring and coercion, but finally, he completed the task I had set for him, and he returned with us to the meeting. Apologizing profusely for his actions and thanking everyone for their patience. 

As a result sitting there on the Zoom call, you saw him lurch, almost completely out of his chair! 

Little did he know the fancy little plug he found in his lunch was remotely controlled from my computer! With a little buzz here and another there, he was lurching and squirming throughout the meeting in all of his pathetic sissy torturing shame! 

It was amazing, and all there for everyone to see as my little sissy secretary squirmed in front of everyone on the zoom call!

It takes a special sissy to listen so well, performing all tasks set forth for him. With the undying love of his goddess and appreciation for the D/s relationship. 

On the other hand, Do you have what it takes to be humiliated during your Zoom calls?

Come play, boys!



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