Zoom is definitely a new adaptation to people’s lives with the pandemic and everyone working from home. Some of the things that have been caught on camera are shocking! From the man caught jerking off on camera during his meeting, to others who have had their pets do funny stuff. So many things have happened! 

Just like my dear pet did the other day, during our company Zoom meeting! 

You see, I like to give my pets little tasks to do during the day to occupy their time during their meetings so they aren’t getting themselves into trouble! The severity of the task depends on how good they have been during the previous days leading up to the day the task is given and completed. 

On this particular day, my sub had been kind of bad that week. Not listening, and back talking. Acting up during other Zoom calls, and not doing things I have specifically told him to do. All kinds of things lead me to give him a harsher punishment than I normally would have. 

During our meetings, It’s very important to punish a submissive in a way that they know without a doubt what they have done wrong. That’s how I came up with his Zoom punishment!! Punishments shouldn’t be something that you enjoy so you act up so you can have more! They are designed so behavior can be corrected or the sissy faces harsher punishment. Each meeting becoming riskier than the last. 

For this specific punishment, I made him carry it out through our daily ZOOM meeting!

He was totally in shock when I finally told him what it was he would be doing! Even more so when I informed him that he had to be doing it during the meeting, and there was absolutely no way out of it! He HAD to do this on our Zoom call! You see, he always likes to attempt to weasel his way out of the conundrums he gets himself into. 

So for this one specifically, he woke up to find himself a whole array of sissy shame laid out for him. Once he started getting ready for the meeting, and exploring his task for the day, I could see his face becoming a dark cherry red. 

There was a pretty pink sissy dress on top of the dresser all prepared for today’s Zoom! It was silky satin baby pink with white lace trimming every soft curve. A pair of white patent leather shoes with little pink bows on them. A pretty brown wig, tied up into pigtails, and so much more! With a note specifically giving him instructions for his Zoom call!

You see, when I punish a Sissy, I like to go all out and make sure that they really understand how they have upset me and what it is they are being punished with. Making each work meeting memorable. Making sure that their cheeks turn the perfect shade of red as they go on about their humiliating punishment. 

Could handle one of my risky punishments during your Zoom meeting? Trying to keep a straight face as the ruby color creeps into your cheeks. Everyone is finally learning all of your dirty secrets.

Come play, boys!



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