Young Homewrecker – Girl Next Door Turned Cum Slut Part 2

After my young homewrecker mouth was done sucking his cock, he looked down at me.

“We really should go to the bedroom, my wife will be gone for a few hours, so we can have plenty of time to play.” I gave a look of agreement and followed him up to his room. I couldn’t believe I was about to get fucked for the first time, not only by an older married man but in the same bed where he slept with his wife. I felt so bad, but let me tell you, it just felt so good.

As soon as we got upstairs and shut the door, no time was wasted, and all the clothes were off. I got on my knees and took every inch of that cock in my mouth like the slutty whore I knew I was meant to be. Starting off slow and sensual, but quickly escalating into some rough throat fucking, the thrill of taking over that cock made me feel so powerful and amazing.

After swallowing a huge load of cum for the first time, I felt like such a little cum slut.

The fact that I had the power to make an older married man cum in my mouth made me want to test my limits, even more, to see what else I could do. Of course, the main goal was to get his cock in my pussy, but I knew I couldn’t just go there quite yet. Instead, I climbed on the bed, laid down, and spread my legs. Before I knew it, his head was buried deep inside my pussy. He sure knew how to use his tongue, and I was not disappointed in his skills what-so-ever.

Now that we were both warmed up, I knew the time was coming. I had to prepare and show him that he was the one I wanted. His cock was the first cock I wanted inside of me. I just had to have it. I was so excited that I finally was about to lose my virginity and become a teen slut. Oh, I had waited for this moment for so long and now it was finally happening. “Are you ready for my cock he said?” “Yes!” I replied as I was getting on top ready to ride.

As I was on top, I slowly started to ride his cock, only putting a couple of inches inside me at first, starting off slow.

The feeling I felt was like no other, I was such a slut for his cock. I couldn’t believe I was riding an older married man’s cock for the first time. I could only imagine how he felt feeling my pussy slowly slide around his cock. After a few minutes, I began to get faster, his cock going deeper and deeper inside me. Taking all 8 inches like a true whore should, and cumming over and over again. Making that cock mine, and making sure he knew who owned his cock.

It was an experience I will never forget. We must have played for about 2 hours before his wife had called to say she was heading home. Let me tell you, that’s definitely not the only and last time I was the girl-next-door looking for some fun, and three years later, his wife has never suspected a thing. Being a young homewrecker makes my pussy dripping wet.

Please, check out part 1 to see how I turned into a young homewrecker. Or, check out my audio blog to hear me cum for real while I tell you the story of how I became a slut.

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