Young Homewrecker – Girl Next Door Turned Cum Slut Part 1

The young homewrecker isn’t a virgin anymore. This is how I turned from the sweet girl-next-door into a cum slut.

Growing up, I was always very interested in sex. It started at a very young age for me, around nine or ten years old. I never knew why the subject of sex fascinated me that much, I like to think maybe because growing up in a strict household, caused me to maybe rebel a bit in my later teen years. You could say that there was one night in particular that basically changed me, and helped me become the confident sexual lady I am today.

I lived next door to this married couple. I would say that they were both at least in their late thirties. The wife is decent looking but the husband, oh my, he was something. Standing about six feet tall with short dark hair and green eyes, and a body that I just needed to have. I had finally turned 18 and I had made it a goal to somehow find a way to seduce him. I knew his type, he was married but you know he likes them barely legal. The girls with the nice perky tits, the hot cheerleader type body, and of course the tight wet pussy too. I knew that this would be a lot easier than I thought.

One Friday night I was home when I saw his wife take off in her car.

I knew this was going to be my chance, my one moment. I had to act fast so I quickly ran upstairs to find the perfect outfit. The outfit I went with a short black and pink dress that hangs off my shoulders, a pair of purple fishnet stockings, and a pair of black six-inch heels. I put my hair in a ponytail, did my makeup, and made sure I looked my best before walking out. Before walking out, I smiled at myself in the mirror because tonight I was going to be a young homewrecker.

I rang the doorbell and smiled as he opened the door. He was a bit surprised to see me, especially on a Friday night. He figured I would have been out with some friends or doing whatever barely legal 18-year-olds did these days. I told him I needed a favor, and as he said, of course. I shut the door behind me and stepped inside. Trying to make small talk with him, it was pretty apparent that he couldn’t stop looking at my tits or just my body in general.

“I see you’re a bit distracted tonight aren’t you?” He gave me a look of guilt and embarrassment, as he slowly turned away. “No, it’s okay,” as I started to slowly remove my dress. He paused for a second, but then quickly realized what I had done and what a slut we both knew I was turning into. “This is wrong, you know I’m married, you are quite hot but what if my wife ever finds out?” I look back with a grin and just started stroking his big 8-inch cock with my hand, making him just give in to me more and more.

“You know you want me to get on my knees right now and start sucking that cock don’t you.”

He said I was not wrong, and keep in mind we were still in his kitchen at this point, and I felt like such a nasty dirty teen girl. I could only imagine how his cock would feel inside my tight wet virgin pussy. I knew I wanted this to be an experience we both could remember so I didn’t want to rush but just enjoy the moment.

If you liked my young homewrecker story, come back on Thursday and read part 2. Or, check out my audio blog so you won’t have to wait! But, if you want a similar kinky story, then check out this girl-next-door turned slut blog.

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