Young Chloe and Her Hot Older Teacher- Part 2

I couldn’t believe my hot older teacher was kissing me. His hands were gliding up my thighs pushing up my skirt. Fingers finding my panties and pulling them off. I broke the kiss to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt but instead, he rips it open revealing his hot, muscularly fit chest. I nearly had an orgasm just by watching the sweat already glistening on him. Beautiful droplet beads of sweat. I slowly take my hands and rub his chest up and down, I can feel myself already getting wet. My body yearned for him now. Wanting him so desperately I beg quietly.

“Please…I want you so damn badly. Please? Don’t make me wait one second more.”

He unbuttoned his pants, and my hot older teacher pulled out his rather large dick. Grabbing me by my thighs he pulled me towards him. As our bodies met he shoved himself so deep and fast into me. My back arched and a loud, euphoric moan slipped my lips. “Oh my god!” I whispered in pleasure.  Suddenly I hear a soft chuckle. “Did you just cum from that?” I blushed 50 shades of red. “Sorry,” I muttered. He leaned in and growled in my ear. “ I loved it! Do it again.” He sounded so hot.

Leaning me down on the desk he got on top of me, reinserting himself into me. He started moving slowly, intensely. “No,” I muttered. “Give it to me harder…faster. Make me scream.” I begged. He happily acknowledged. Suddenly, he started slamming into me at a fast pace. “Oh God!” I moaned out. “Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” I panted heavily, loving his every motion. He took his hands and without breaking rhythm he ripped my bra in half. Exposing my perky young tits. My C cup boobs were now bouncing in rhythm with us. Bending down he sucked on my left breast while toying with my right one. My head started spinning. There was so much pleasure everywhere, my body couldn’t pinpoint what felt better.

I was slowly losing my mind with pleasure, it felt TOO good.

“I-I think, I think I’m…..” but I couldn’t finish that sentence. “No, no,“ he said. “Try to hold on, I’m almost there,” he grunted. I did my best to hold it. Every muscle in my body clenched, sweat dripped. I knew I couldn’t control it very long. Maybe a few more seconds. My body was tingling all over, I was ready to burst. “Oh…God!” My back arched and my entire body shook fiercely.

He went in one more hard swift motion and I hear him groan so loudly. I feel his hot cum burst through me filling me. A most warming, pleasurable feeling. My euphoric feeling slowly decreased and my muscles began to relax. He was panting heavily and still twitching inside me. “Well that was fun.” I say out of breath. Smiling, he says, “yes and I say we should do it again soon.” I giggled. “So tomorrow?” He leaned in and kissed my neck. “Tomorrow then.”

I had just had sex with my hot older teacher!

If you like this checkout Part One. Or my Audio version.

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