Young Chloe and Her Hot Older Teacher- Part 1

I tapped on the door and there he was, her hot older teacher. “Professor, I was wondering if I could ask you a question?” He looks up in my direction and nods his head politely. Carefully I walk in making sure not to trip over my new shoes. I transferred over from my public school to this private school. Now I have to wear these ridiculous uniforms. My white shirt stretched across my chest from my boobs that honestly were too big for the shirt. My skirt is just too short and these shoes are just too uncomfortable.

“Yes, Miss Chloe? Did you need something?” He asked. I gulped. My teacher was hot and I mean bad boy hot. He had short jet black spikey hair, stunning blue eyes you could get lost in and those muscles were so large. I could easily just imagine what he would look like without his button-up shirt and tie.

I pictured myself just rubbing his muscular chest.

“Chloe?” he asked now standing inches from me pulling me out of my trance. “Oh right. Sorry professor.“ My cheeks turning red with heat. “I was wondering if you could quickly re-explain today’s math lesson, I didn’t quite understand all of it.” I said at last trying to refocus my mind on the reason I came here today. I felt like a stuttering young girl.

“You know Chloe, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” he walks over to the classroom door, shuts it, locks it, and pulls down the shade to cover the window. Nervously I ask “um..Mr. Straton, what are you…doing?” he walks back over to me and brings his face close to mine. He takes his hand and brushes it on my cheek. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. “ he says now with a different voice. One with almost a lustful ring to it. “I’ve been wanting to ask you for so long…can I…kiss you?” he says unsure. I stand there just baffled unable to speak, I couldn’t believe this was my hot older teacher.

“B-but sir…” I protested. “I-it would be against the law.” My body ached to be touched.

Wanting his strong manly hands to roughhouse my body, his muscles to bruise me from too much pleasure. He leaned into my face, his lips barely touching mine. “What no one knows won’t hurt us.” His brass voice was so hot, it soothed me and tipped me over the edge. I closed the gap between us and we shared an intensely hot and passionate kiss. Our lips meshing together, his tongue sliding into my mouth and mine into his. His hands entangled in my fiery red hair. I felt his arms stretch past me and hear clattering on the floor. He then grabs my waist and hoists me up on his now-empty desk. He rips my shirt open and exposes my breasts. Never once breaking this sweet intoxicating kiss. I couldn’t wait to have more of my hot older teacher.

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