You’ll Get Your Turn; Get Cucked, Then Fuck While I Blow Part Two

Come on over here baby. How many times have you heard me tell you you’ll get your turn? Well now that time has come. You walk over here, with that tired cock and I get on my knees for both of you. Grabbing your cock and sliding his into my mouth I work on getting you both back to throbbing for me. 

I Can Handle You Both!

Then of course I switch, stroking him and sliding my tongue all over your shaft. My lips making their way towards the tip of your beautiful dick as I slip you directly into my mouth. Those same lips kiss the base of your cock while you still reside in my mouth. My throat tenses and contracts slightly around your cockhead and I can tell you love it.

Finally, your nice and hard all over again baby. I pull you around me so that both of you are on either side of me as I get on my hands and my knees. You’ll get your turn! Opening my mouth, I guide him inside me as my hands reach back to help guide you into my tight little pussy. His cum is perfect lube as you slide right inside. This pussy is toasty warm and wetter than you have seen it before. 

Claim This Pussy!

As you thrust in this little cunt, you push me deeper onto his cock and you can hear me gag as you watch. Your hands fall to my waist, just the way I like it as you pull me further onto you. Your cock feels so good inside me! I already feel so close to climax, which is pitiful because you haven’t been fucking me for long. I suppose having him stretch my virgin ass open in front of you really really turned me on! You’ll get your turn to cum inside me! Do you want to claim that pussy since he marked territory in my ass?

“You’ll get your turn” rings in your head as you pump into me. Now is your chance. You watched me get fucked so hard baby, now the time is here. Fuck me. Fuck this pussy until I have to tap out while he skull fucks my little mouth. I can feel you both throbbing and I crave draining you both at the same time. Watch him as he gets ready to bust and you get that cock of yours ready to do the same! 

Feed Me On Both Ends!

Loud swallowing sounds bounce around the room as I struggle to swallow him and I can tell you love that as I feel you fill me up. Thank you baby. Cum now drips out of this pussy and its all yours honey. I would even bet you want to clean this cum up too, don’t you, nasty boy? Its so fucking hot watching you eat your cum out of my pussy. Dinner is served baby. You’ll get your turn to taste yourself.

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