You’ll Get Your Turn; Get Cucked, Then Fuck While I Blow Part One

Are you going to be a good boy, sit in the chair over there and watch me milk this cock? Pull that cock out and stroke it as you watch me be an absolute whore for this man. Don’t worry though, after I take his load, and you clean it up, we can all play again. Together. You’ll get your turn. You just have to be patient, horny and ready when that time comes.

Sit Right There, Baby

With your pants off, that wooden little chair in the corner is quite cold against your legs and balls. I climb onto the bed with him. My hands exploring his soft bare skin, rubbing all over on him as I lean it to kiss him while I side eye you. Watch me slide my tongue into his mouth while I moan against him. Climbing on top of him I grind slightly against him. He is still wearing boxers, but trust that won’t stay on long as my fingers are already making their way to change that.

I slide them off of him, flip my hair behind my shoulder and my head goes down to his cock and I kiss down his shaft. Tilting my head in a way where you can see everything I am doing while I am doing it, I start to suck him off. My head bobs up and down as I take every inch of him in my mouth. Watch me work baby, you’ll get your turn. Spit drips down his balls from my soaked mouth as I consume him. But I crave more of him.

Watch Closely

Climbing back to straddle him, I put my ass up towards you, exposing my pussy for when he slides in you will see everything with front row view. I rub his cock head against my tight butthole just to tease you. I have never let you slip your dick inside my ass, only ever my pussy. But you watch me hesitate. You watch me think about gliding him inside my untouched ass for only a moment before I do it. And he slips right in.

Remember, you’ll get your turn, but only after you stroke and cum while you watch my virgin ass be stretched open before your eyes. He pumps his cock deeper and deeper inside me while I moan out for him, taking him and everything he gives. My little hole stretches open with every throb of his dick and you watch, beating your cock off on that cold wooden chair. 

Here He Blows!!

His balls tighten and you know exactly what that means as he throbs a couple more times before his massive climax. You’ll get your turn, but first you both must cum. Cum for me. Cream on yourself while he fills my ass with his hot load. There you go baby! That’s it! Now come over here and eat my ass. Taste me. Taste him. 

I told you this whole time, you’ll get your turn, and now that time has come. If you want to hear how I reward my cuck husband, purchase the audio blog now, or go to part two.

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