Worship BBC With Your Mouth

Welcome back! Surely you’ve read part one of this BBC story, but if you haven’t, then read it here before continuing.

So as I was saying previously, I told you about my first experience with BBC. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I truly mean it! It’s why I believe those Big Black Cocks have every right to be worshiped. If you’re still reading this then chances are you also think highly of them too. Or you’re at least curious to see what they’re like! I like your curiosity.

Well, not to worry, my dear. Because I have a Black Bull here ready to show you how to worship his massive chocolate dick. I’m sure you have watched porn pertaining to this. But once you actually try the real thing for yourself, you’ll see that you wished you tried it earlier! This Bull I have with me wants to see how far you’ll go to worship him with your mouth.

First thing first – Get on your knees in front of him.

Being on your knees is the best place to worship a Big Black Cock. His massive fuck-stick pointing at your face. Look up at him. What a glorious sight, am I right? This is just like it was for me when I had my first BBC encounter. Honestly, I was in complete awe of the beauty. So, I want to share this hot experience with you! I need you to feel and know how amazing this is.

Kiss his cock. Make out with it. Giving it plenty of licks as well! It’s almost as if you’re making love to it with your mouth. Make love to your god! The more pleasure you give that big dick, the more pleasure you receive in return. Your god treats you so well! He gives you lots of precum to taste and enjoy. The thickness of his shaft stretches your lips which is truly a beautiful sight to see! And aren’t you such a great worshiper? You’re doing wonderful so far!

Wrap your hand around the base of his rod. Squeeze it in your hand. That’s what a godly cock feels like! My Bull loves the way you squeeze him tight. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for his balls. Gently squeeze them in your hand. They’re huge and full of delicious Black Man cum. You will have to work for it if you want it!

Let’s see how deep you can really take his long and fat cock.

Come on, show him how much you want to be a devout follower of Big Black Cock! Remember to breathe through your nose as you take that long shaft deeper. You’re doing very well! Now he’s going to put both his large hands on the back of your head. Take him deeper inside! That’s it… You’re showing your full adoration for the Bull. Slurping, sucking, bobbing your head up and down.

If you keep doing that you will make him explode glorious drops of semen down your throat. That is how he rewards you for your fellowship. Now is not the time to stop! Keep going. He’s nearly there… Yes, that’s it! Take it all down your fucking throat like a good slut.

Do you feel different now after such a spiritual experience?

Grab the audio for this story. I tell you how to suck him.

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