Worship BBC With Your Mouth

What man doesn’t enjoy having his cock sucked? Whatever the size may be. Large, average, even the smaller ones enjoy a suck every now and then, huh? But I believe the kind of cock that is most deserving of a blowjob is the BBC! Don’t you agree that they look so suckable too? They are worthy of being sucked on, that’s for sure! It’s my belief that they are the most beautiful.

Haven’t you ever thought about trying one? Maybe you don’t want anything in your ass. Perhaps you’re only interested in oral which is perfectly fine! Whatever the case may be, we are focusing on blowjobs today. Firstly, I would love to talk about the first BBC I ever sucked. It was the kind of dick that forever changed me!

Even though we were young, he had a massive grown-man-looking cock!

I will be honest, I already had played with other cocks before him. But they were nothing like his. Everything before him seemed so elementary when compared to his giant rod. So, anyway, we were at a party with other people from our school. I had seen him around at school but we never actually talked to each other until that night. You already know he was hitting on me in my little short skirt and high heels!

We started chatting with each other and quickly things began to get hot and heavy. He wasn’t messing around, he knew what he wanted. His tongue was down my throat with his hands on my ass. I was feeling his hardon through his jeans. And YES, I could feel already how long and thick it was! But I had no idea what I was getting myself into until I finally pulled it out. That massive BBC of his made my mouth water while simultaneously making me a bit nervous. I was just thinking to myself, “Could my pussy even handle something of that size?”

We found an empty bedroom where we would have our fun.

He pushed me to my knees. There I was with his huge cock pointing at my face. He then grabbed the back of my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth. I had no time to think. All I could do was take his big shaft down my throat. No white guy I had been with before could do that to me. It was like an adrenaline rush! Of course, we couldn’t leave the bedroom without him fucking my pussy. But he definitely enjoyed a long blowjob from me first!

If you’ve never sucked a big black cock then you need to! That’s why I have brought a Bull over to show you how wonderful it is to suck BBC. In part two of this sexy story, I’m going to show you how to make a Black Bull happy with your mouth. You will learn how to worship that glorious fuck-stick of his.

If you rather not wait, then grab the audio to this story!

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