Work Me Out, Lexi Enjoys The Best Exercise Activity Part Two

Welcome back to my work me out blog! Find out exactly how far I pushed this sweet little gym rat…

So I had him sitting on the toilet and I kissed him. After that I couldn’t help but smile wide as an evil idea formulated. Taking a step back, I made him watch as I peeled my leggings and panties down to my knees and turned around. Shuffling back I took my time to be in the perfect spot before I bent over and presented my sweet little ass to him.

“Loosen me up baby.” I murmured, making it clear where I wanted. I could feel the shock and uncertainty come off him in waves, but it only took him a minute to comply. Ahhh his tongue circling my rosebud was hands down one of the best feelings of my life.

His hands gripped my ass and spread me out to let him bury himself deep. My soft moans and squirming hips encouraged him, so that finally he plunged inside and tasted me. I rocked back on his tongue, fucking myself with it. But it wasn’t enough, I needed more.

I pulled away and looked over my shoulder.

“Pull that cock out baby.” I demanded. This sweet boy eagerly followed instructions, reaching in and pulling his stiff cock from his basketball shorts. Backing up and squatting down, I reach back to align him to my sweet puckered hole and then slowly made the descent onto his shaft.

He spread me open and filled me up in all the best ways. Although the best part had to be the groan he let out as he sunk in inch by inch. Being surrounded by my tight hot ass may have been more than he could handle. His hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me all the way down to the hilt. I leaned back and he growled in my ear. “Bounce for me.”

I was more than happy to oblige…

With only taking a moment to get used to him I started bouncing. The feel of him filling, stretching, and rubbing me deep inside was ecstasy. But he didn’t stop there, he thrust his hips up to meet me with each bounce, spearing me again and again. He progressively picked up the pace until I was moaning louder than I intended.

If things didn’t finish soon, we were going to get caught. So I sped up my bouncing, slamming down as hard as I could. The sounds of our skin slapping together drowned out by the drumming in my ears. My own heartbeat deafening as my core clenched and my hands flew up to muffle my cries as I came. I paused my bouncing, but he didn’t.

He continued to thrust up into my ass until I could feel him spurt inside. Hot and wet, thick and coating my insides… I took a minute to catch my breath and then I stood up. I pulled my pants back on and threw him a bright smile. “Thanks for the workout babe.”

That’s all it was after all. Some delicious cardio, and I would hopefully be very sore in the morning…

Did you enjoy the ending of my work me out blog? If you missed the beginning, you can read it here! There is an accompanying audio available, or you could give me a call to talk about any of my experiences! 877-482-0664

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