Work Me Out, Lexi Enjoys The Best Exercise Activity Part One

So here I am this week, back at it again to tell you another one of my favorite experiences. This week I want to share something that happened in the gym on campus I used to go to. There was a special guy there who really knew how to work me out if you catch my drift…

So it was sophomore year, I had already done my mandatory phys ed credit the previous semester, but I had gotten into the habit of coming to the gym to either work out or swim. The gym fees are only $50 for the entire semester and I lived in the dorms so you can’t really beat a deal like that.

I honestly didn’t realize the guy had been watching me until the day in question. I don’t really work out often, once or twice a week is usually good enough for me. So it was a real shock when I’m in the middle of a good run on the treadmill and he plucks an earbud free. I lost my rhythm and stumbled a bit, having to spread out and stand on the sides.

He looked like any guy you’d find on a college campus.

Average height, longish brown hair, brown eyes, but he did have a nice smile. He was a little nervous, I could see it in his eyes and the fact he shifted his weight. I thought he was cute, so I gave him an encouraging smile and questioning eyes.

He told me that he had seen me come in from time to time and admitted to always watching me. As he spoke I could see the creeping flush rise on his neck and I couldn’t help the growing urge to push him. I yanked the cord that makes the machine instantly stop and I leaned closer to him. The closer I got, the less he seemed to be able to say.

My smile grew until I was maybe three or four inches from his face and I whispered. “If you don’t mind, I’d love to get a real intense workout with your help. If you’ve been watching me all this time, I think you might be interested…”

My eyes flicked up to meet his so I could make it very clear what I was meaning.

Honestly I couldn’t accurately describe the look of surprise on his face in that moment! He was beet red and took a little shuffle step back. I wouldn’t let him escape though, so I stepped off the treadmill and closer to him. “So what’s your answer?” I asked innocently, teasing him a little.

He scrambled to accept. At least he was smart enough to realize his good fortune.. But I wasn’t done teasing him. So I took his hand and led him towards the back of the big gym. Weaving our way though machines, down a hallway, and to the only handicapped accessible bathroom in the whole place. By the time he figured out my plans it was too late. I was pulling him through the door and locking it behind us.

I shoved him over to the toilet and had him sit down. He tried to protest but I just grabbed his face and kissed him to shut him up. “We are doing this here or we aren’t doing this at all.” It was too late to back out now…

Are you enjoying my work me out blog? Come back Sunday to read part two! I also made an audio you could enjoy now, or you could give me a call and ask me all sorts of juicy questions! 877-482-0664

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