Oh yes, I was masturbating in the woods and loved it. Up in that tree branch sliding my fingers in and out. Some would have worried about balance but not me. I worked out a lot and had built up my body to be my own temple. 

At this point I was just enjoying worshiping it as a whimper escaped when I pulled my fingers out of me. I could feel my wetness on them and brought them to my lips. 

Opening my eyes a grin appeared as sitting on this branch in the woods I see how soaked I’d left them. Oh, I loved the taste of pussy also so I slid them into my mouth. 

Sliding the tip of my tongue up and over my fingers before shoving them in my mouth. As I sucked my pleasure off my two fingers I used my other hand to slowly make lazy circles around my clit. Already so built up that I was ready to cum in these woods already. I wanted to take my time and enjoy the sensations. I wanted to feel how wet I was and taste it and know that this slow tease would end in screams of pleasure. 

Slowly I slid my two fingers back inside myself. In and out, once twice thrice. Screaming loud in the tree. Before pulling them back out and sliding them over my swollen clit. Crying out softly at how good it felt I pulled my other fingers out of my mouth. 

Reaching down I unbuttoned my top and spread it open a little. It wasn’t easy to do one handed but the other was not coming away from my needy pussy or throbbing clit until I came. So, one handed I opened my top and reached in my bra, my fingers going to pinch my hardening nipple. They had always been so sensitive and as my fingers squeezed lightly and pulled gently at them my pleasure intensified.

I slid my fingers out of my pussy and took my pinky and dipped it into my soaked pussy. Getting it nice and wet I then slid it around my asshole. I was nearly cumming already knowing how good this would feel. Siding my pinky slowly into my ass I screamed out at how amazing it felt. Balance was everything up here in this tree branch.

Readjusting myself, I shoved my pointer and middle finger back into my pussy. As I buried them into my wetness I slid my pinky deep into my tight asshole. I loved to be loud in the woods hearing my pleasure echo! My thumb started rubbing my clit as I fingered myself on that branch. Pulling and pinching at my other nipple now I let loose and started fucking myself harder. Unable to hold back anymore I came. I came screaming as I kept going. 

Sliding them in and out feeling my pussy walls gripping down tight on my fingers. I kept rubbing my oversensitive clit milking it of every last pleasure I could get. Still torturing myself past the brink of thought I orgasmed again. Screaming loudly, if I wasn’t in these woods I’d be concerned. This wasn’t the first or last time I’d enjoy pleasuring myself out here though. Of that I was sure as I laid on that branch limp and spent giggling.

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