I was out in the woods taking a walk. It had been a long time since I had felt nervous alone. I’d learned to enjoy the peace of no one else around. Parts of me got to really enjoy being completely alone. Like I was now. 

Seeing a tree, I looked up seeing the perfect branch. It was strong enough to hold me. A perfect seat with a gorgeous view. Reaching up I climbed up to the branch and got myself comfortable. From here I could see little above me except glimpses of the sky. A green blanket surrounded me. 

Here I felt safe, I was more than a mile from the road back in these woods. Very few came out this way. It’s why I had chosen it. I needed to orgasm and just be loud and just couldn’t at home. Sadly, still myself still lived with my parents because my mom needed medical help. I was always there helping and desperately needed a space for release. 

I slid my hand into my shorts and a small moan escaped when I curved my finger and brushed it over my clit. Feeling my wetness as I slid my fingers further back. Deep in these woods is where I would come to masturbate. 

You see I wasn’t quiet and had too many close calls back home. I wanted to be able to finger fuck myself and scream my pleasure like we were made to do. Not just slowly get myself off smothering my calls of happiness. Of course most adults were not stuck at their parents.

So here I was, deep in the woods sliding my hand out of my shorts. I was already turned on and ready.

Needing so bad to release. I had been at home and thought maybe I could just quickly enjoy myself. Instead I had my mom ringing for me. Needing a break I had come out here. Alone I knew I’d have the solitude in these woods to do exactly what I needed. 

Grabbing my phone I turned on some music just in case someone was out for a walk. Sounds could echo all over. Finding a song I liked I unbuttoned my shorts. Biting my lip I slowly lowered my zipper. I had kept the panties off knowing I wanted to get dirty on this tree branch. My clit was swollen and begging for my attention.

I knew I’d have to get back to responsibilities soon enough but for now. Oh for now, I’d needed some me time. Grinning that’s exactly what I had coined it in my head. My grin rapidly dropping to my mouth forming an O at the first touch of my fingers back on my soaked pussy. 

I couldn’t hold back anymore. Knowing I could finally let go Oh how I loved to be loud. Sliding my fingers down my shorts and straight into my pussy 2 fingers buried all the way to my hand in one smooth motion. I cried out softly at the sensation before pulling my fingers out and sliding them back just as quickly as before.

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