Wonder Woman Fanfiction-Seduction of Batman


The Wonder Woman fanfiction continues…Just to jog your memories a bit. Batman and Wonder Woman were just about to end the sexual tension that has been building for years.


Reaching into her corset, he pulls her titties out, spilling them over and leans down sucking on her nipples. His hard mask ears pressing into her throat and making her moan with anticipation. Pushing her up against the desk and sliding her back, he brings his mouth to hers and hungrily nibbles at her lips. Wonder Woman takes her hand and slides them over his chiseled hard suit to his utility belt. Before undoing it, she grabs his Bolas and asks him to tie her up and take her. 


He finally understands just how she wants to be fucked. Equally feeling the same desires, Batman tugs at the bottom of her panties and rips them off. He feels her moisture through his gloves. He ties her hands up using her lasso of truth that was discarded on the floor and pushes her back so she is laying on the table, Her long legs dangling. Simultaneously grabbing her ass and pulling her towards him, he kneels down and starts to devour her pussy. Sucking on her clit drinking up all her sweet juices. 


Wonder Woman cums all over Batman’s face. Screaming and moaning, begging to be fucked. 


Still tied up in her lasso he grabs her and pulls her off the desk. Kissing her and letting her taste her own juices on his lips. While his lips are on hers, he pulls out his big cock and asks her how bad she wants it in between kisses. She continues to beg for it asking to taste it. Using his strength he pushes her down to her knees and she opens wide. She takes his giant pulsating cock into her mouth. Gagging on it, making it good and wet, she deepthroats him while looking up at him. The result, he shoots a load straight down Wonder Woman’s throat. She swallows every drop and keeps sucking to make him good and hard again. 


Surprisingly, just a few moments later he is ready to go again. Grabbing her he throws her over his shoulder and brings her to the batmobile. Pinning her down bent over the hood, he thrusts his hard dick inside of her wet snatch. She has been dreaming of this for so long that her pussy is throbbing making all her walls grab and massage his fat cock. Grinding deeper and harder, he fucks her over his beautiful automobile until she is screaming and having multiple orgasms. Putting his hands on the back of her throat he pushes her harder into the car pounding her amazing body as roughly as he can. His load can not be held any longer and he comes deep into her tight willing pussy. 


Enjoyed my Wonder Woman Fanfantasy? Ask me about my wonder woman special. Photos and audio! 


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