Wonder Woman Fanfiction-Seduction of Batman


So I have a confession I have always been a bit obsessed with Wonder Woman.  It started when I was younger, this strong, beautiful, kind, and courageous woman gave me a role model. The older I got the more of a crush I developed on her. She’s tall and thick and let’s face it sexy as hell. Her lasso of truth is such an awesome weapon also. In a way, I always wanted to be her.  Plus she grew up on an island much like the temple, surrounded by beautiful strong Goddesses. So here is my Wonderwoman fanfiction fantasy. 


Batman is caught in Doomsday’s laser vision as Wonder Woman comes to save the day. The fight is long and strenuous. Of course, they win though. Covered in sweat and war wounds filled with untapped adrenaline they decide to celebrate their victory. Therefore, they decided to head back to Bruce’s mansion.

Hoping in the Bat Mobile Wonder Woman starts to eye Batman and all of his muscular glory. 


Maybe its the adrenaline rush, but her blood is coursing to all her erogenous zones during this ride. She starts to plan all the fun and kinky things they could do together. By the time the ride is over she has her mind made up she is going to seduce Batman and get exactly what she wants. They have always had insane sexual tension, it’s time to see where this can go. 


Asking to see the bat cave she leads the way without waiting for a response. Once they get there she grabs her lasso of truth turns to him and asks “Do you want me?”. Taken back by her sudden boldness he fails to respond fast enough so she flicks the lasso at his arm and asks again. “Do you want to fuck me?” This time he has no choice but to answer her. “I have dreamt about fucking you since the 1st time we met Diana” 


Leaning forward so her big titts are all but falling out of that tight corset she asks “Then what is stopping you?”.


Tired of being forced into the truth Batman grabs his bat line and snatches her around the waist so that, they are now inches apart. As a result, she drops the lasso suddenly consumed with lust that has been building for years. Her pussy is soaking her blue star-studded panties. He goes to lift his mask off and she tells him to keep it on. She has no desire to be Diana and Bruce at this moment. She wants rough passionate sex she wants batman to ravage her. In fact, she dreams of him using his bolas, his nylon rope that can send an electric shock through you, to tie her up. 


If you like this Wonder Woman Fanfiction so far make sure you check out the audio. You can also buy a special of audio and photos of me dressed up as Wonder Woman. 

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