White lie seduction, a tale of secrets, lies and mistaken identity, part 2.

In part 1 of white lie seduction I had just gone over to where Gage was in the bar and we he bought me a drink and we were starting to flirt.  This is a continuation of white lie seduction.

Going over to a sofa that was unoccupied, we sat down to talk and flirt some more.  I was so busy trying to tempt this big beautiful man that I almost forgot to ask his name.  So what is your name, I ask him. Gage, Gage Richards he said. Is sounding like James Bond introducing himself something you strive for? and I giggled. Does champagne always make you this giggly? Why yes it does Gage Richards.  Looking at his upper lip and full bottom lip I couldn’t help but think of how perfect they were to kiss.  I might as well kiss him. I would kick myself if I didn’t kiss him while I had the chance.

My heart was racing at the prospect of kissing Gage.

He started to say something and I cut him off by leaning in and pulling his jaw and chin forward and planting my lips on his, hard. Kissing him hard, I guess all that pent up lust was coming out in my kiss. I soon eased into a gentle kiss and he started kissing me back. He ran his fingers through my long flowing hair and pulled me closer and slipped his tongue in with mine and our tongues danced together in the most passionate way. Kissing him was so addictive I just knew that I had to tempt him into my bed tonight!  Lingering in our long passionate kiss for a while, Gage stopped and pulled away saying “I am sorry that was rude of me to do”. I said no no I was the one who kissed you and I enjoyed it.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more private”, Gage asked. Wow! My seduction plans are working and if I keep things going my way I will have my way with Gage. I will tell him who I am later on, I just want this one moment with him. I won’t let this deception go on very long, just one night.  “There would definitely be a better ambiance in my hotel room,” he said.” How can I resist a more romantic ambiance than here?”, I said. We kissed each other again and then got up to go to the hotel room.

Thinking of all of the dirty things we could do when we get to the hotel, my panties started to get soaked!

His hotel room was much nicer than my little hotel room. His was a suite with a living room and bedroom. I am definitely going to coerce him into my panties tonight!  As soon as we get in the room we start kissing, he picks me up, I wrap my legs around him, and pushes me against the wall pressing himself into me. I could feel how hard he was as he was pushing against the outside of my panties onto my pussy. He pushes my skirt up and slips his fingers inside of my pussy and starts sliding them in and out making sure to rub on my clit at the same time.

This was feeling so good, I can’t believe my fantasy is going to come true!

I reached down and felt of his hard cock and started stroking it.  It was massive and veiny, I love veins on a cock! I couldn’t wait for him to slip that hard cock into my wanting pussy.  He carried me to the bed and laid me down.  Getting between my legs,, he started licking on my clit and hole.  Making sure to lick and suck on my pussy until I had a few orgasms! I was ready for his cock and told him “fuck me, fuck me”!  I want you now!

He slid up my body and started kissing me.  I felt his big cock pressing against the opening of my eager, wet pussy.  He slid inside of me and it felt soooo good!!  Oh my god, oh my god I said as he was thrusting inside of me, he made me cum so hard with his hard dick!  I felt him going faster and harder and moaning in pleasure as he shot his load deep inside of me!

After all of that hot steamy sex, I think I am going to keep my identity to myself after all*wink*.  Read the exciting part 1 of this story here.




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