White lie seduction, a tale of secrets,, lies and mistaken identity part 1.

This is the story of my white lie seduction.  My best friend and roommate was sick and sent me to her work convention in her place. Little did I know HE was going to be there. My brother’s best friend Gage is who I am talking about. I grew up with him hanging out with my brother. Being incredibly shy, kind of chunky with pink and black hair, that’s all Gage knew of me.  All I would do when he came to see my brother was curl up and read a book.  WHaving a huge crush on him, all I did when he would come over to see my brother was curl up and read a book. I never spoke to him I just ignored him.

Frankly, I don’t even think he noticed me. He hasn’t seen me in a few years and I have changed. Letting my long flowing hair be its natural dark color and filling out in my breasts I have slimmed down and gotten a sexy, curvy figure too, unlike the figure I had growing up. Anyways, to my surprise, I saw him at one of the booths at the convention center. Hearing Gage and and some of the people talking about going to this really cool bar  made me want to go there too. What a perfect time for the temptation I want to give Gage.

My heart started beating fast at the prospect of being able to see Gage.

Why the hell not? If It’s only for one night, one little white lie won’t hurt, right? Going back to my hotel room, I take a shower to get ready to go out. I put on a pair of black lacy thongs, black lacy bra, black silky, sheer stockings, black mini skirt, a yellow glittery low cut blouse (showing off my cleavage) and a pair of black, open toed, gold heel stilettos. I left my long hair down with curls around my head. The best part of my outfit was the shiny fuck me red lipstick! I can’t wait to finally seduce Gage, although it will be under false pretenses.  Putting my name tag on, I thought to myself how much of a deception this would be

When I arrived at the bar I ordered something to drink. Looking around for Gage, I scan the room and see him across the way, Wow! He looks so hot in his shirt and tie. Finishing my drink I dance across the floor towards Gage. Our eyes locked, I flipped my hair and smiled. Slipping in the bar next to Gage, he asked if he could buy me a drink, I told him I would like something yellow and bubbly. He chuckled and said “do you always order drinks that match your blouse?” One champagne for the lady and a scotch on the rocks for me, he told the bartender.

I am so much closer to seducing Gage now!

Christina, that’s a pretty name. The tag is a bit of a formality but it saved me from having to ask your name. I’ve been watching you dance. So he doesn’t recognize me, I thought to myself. I was halfway offended by that but also intrigued. What is that intrigue all about?  Will I be able to seduce Gage into my web, I wondered?  Well it has been a long time since he has seen me and I have changed so much since then. Well a second chance to make a first impression on Gage. To find out how long it will take him to finally recognize me. In the mean time I do believe I am going to play this game and see if I can lure Gage into the bedroom.

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