When the Demon in My Head Comes into my Bed – Part Two

I drifted into sleep that night fantasizing of a Demon coming to my room during the night. Skulking in my doorway, watching me. Knowing I’ll eventually let him in and no longer fearing him I decided to tease a little. Put on a show to see how riled up I can get him. See if he would, or could breach that barrier. 

Slowly peeling off my clothes, stripping down to my bra and panties, never acknowledging him there watching. Grazing my fingertips over my body, causing my nipples to perk up. 

Sliding my hand down the front of my panties I feel the rumble of a growl from the doorway.

I continue to ignore him as I run my hands over my body, but I’m looking in the mirror imagining. Wishing he would come to me and take me already. Suddenly he’s there behind me. Startling me as I feel something not quite nails, not quite claws drag up my arms and down my chest. Then his growl is in my ear. 

“I told you you’d invite me willingly” and then a snap as the front of my bra pops open like the middle was snipped with scissors, and just like that my breasts hang free as my bra falls to the floor. He isn’t a fog or figure in my mind anymore. My Demon is solid and whole with his rough hands dragging over my body.

The desire is full-fledge now as hands that suddenly seem very human knead and play, covering every inch of my skin. As a surprisingly hot mouth devours me. Pleasure fills me as his normal chill turns to a burn with every touch. He lifts me and I feel like I’m floating to my bed. 

I lay back hair splayed over the pillow, almost naked and a deep rumble shakes the house as I invite my Demon into my bed.

Crawling up my body he touches and licks until his mouth meets my center. A few light flicks of his tongue on my clit and I quickly meet a hard orgasm. Body shaking, I’m begging for him to take me. Fill me. Show me the pleasure I know he can provide and he’s on top of me.

He’s massive, in many ways and although he still appears a little blurry to the eye I feel every bit of him as his body covers mine and his member fills me. Tight and tense as my pussy slowly stretches over a cock larger than life. I cry out and my body wraps around him as he finally fills me completely. He knows the thoughts in my head and all my secrets but it doesn’t matter.

My Demon has become my desire and our limbs tangle, touching, and playing as he pumps into me until I cry out.

The first orgasm rips through my body and as I tense around him I see the mischief in his eyes and know this is just the beginning. When he feels the orgasm course through me it becomes his mission to cause it again and again and he pins me to the bed and buries himself even deeper inside me.

My eyes roll back in my head as I feel him twisting his hips and grinding inside me. Already stretched and filled the massive cock touches spots inside me I didn’t know could cause pleasure quite the way they were. The connection to my thoughts only amplifies the pleasure because he can hear exactly what I want. 

When He finds a spot that has my legs shaking and my nails digging into him he starts pumping harder and faster. Twisting his hips so his cock drags over it again and again until I’m screaming out in pleasure.

“Fuck, Oh God yes Fuck me!” I cry out.

“God can’t help you now, now you’re all mine.” 

The mischief causes a spark in his eye and he drags the head of his cock over my g-spot just right and I’m screaming again as the orgasm pours out. My body limp and shaking he doesn’t stop. Pinning my hands over my head he looks me in the eyes and shoves back deep inside me. 

“You’re mouth and body may be saying stop but you forget I can hear the thoughts in your head.” He smirks down at me. “I know you want more, you just don’t know if you can handle it. So, I guess we’re going to find out now aren’t we?” He takes my legs that were wrapped around him and spreads me wide opening me to take even more of that massive cock and I feel it pushing into my cervix.

Watching his hips twist and push he finds that spot and again he’s massaging it gently with the head of his cock. Milking out my next orgasm. As soon as he sees the pressure building and knows I’m about to cum again he picks up his pace. I can barely even cry out anymore, my body is limp and exhausted, still shaking but he just keeps going. 

My pussy swollen from repeated orgasm makes his already huge cock feel even bigger. When the next orgasm begins pulsing through me I finally notice a reaction from him. I see the pleasure on his face so I tighten myself around him even more. Realizing what I’m doing he starts fucking me hard and fast.

“Oh yes! Fuck me hard and fast! Fill me with your seed!” 

Hearing my pleasure and feeling me tighten around him finally pushed him to the edge. When I beg him to fill me I feel as his cock begins to throb and I know he’s about to cum. I wrap my weak legs tight around him and pull him into me as deep as he’ll go. With his cum pumping inside me hard I bear down and feel his orgasm intensify as he starts cumming even harder. 

The pressure is incredible and I forget that I’m weak and exhausted as my body bucks under him. I’m screaming again as the next orgasm crashes through me like a tidal wave. Feeling the Demon cum for me, in me gives me this pleasure so deep I’ve never felt anything like it. 

The connection of him hearing my thoughts and knowing exactly what I want and where to touch makes the pleasure run that much deeper. Makes the orgasm more satisfying than any I’ve ever had before. Then He blankets my body with his and I hear him in my head. I told you I’d warm you up tonight he says with a chuckle and I drift off to sleep satiated and smiling.

I woke up the next morning in the exact spot he left me. 

At first, I thought it was all a dream until I moved and felt the ache. Looking down I see the scratches and bruises that cover my body and glancing at the floor I see my bra with the front cut. I smile as the events from the evening rush back to me. 

Curling back up into my bed I play the scene in my head again. Wondering if he can still hear my thoughts and if he’ll come back when I start touching and playing with myself again. I hear a low growl in my head and giggle knowing I have my own personal demon to play with any time I want, and my hand slides back between my legs.

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