Sex at the wedding, Fun at My Best Friend’s Wedding Part One

My Best Friend got married a few months ago. It was such a beautiful wedding. With everything going on they decided they didn’t want to postpone. Instead they had a small, intimate wedding. So much more fun not having as many people there. Not being so stressed and  having to greet everyone. Or giving a speech in front of a couple hundred people. Being able to relax, hang out and actually spend time with everyone. The best part though would have to be the having sex at the wedding. 

I love fucking at a wedding.

There’s this automatic level of romance that goes with the dancing and the music. Then you add the booze and things tend to get a lot more hot and heavy. At least they usually do for me. Every touch is electric. The desire and need to feel that connection and have a little of that romance for yourself. Even if it’s just for the night.

It was my friend Kayla and her fiancé Tony’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and Tony’s friend TJ was the best man. TJ and I both knew before we met that Kayla and Tony were trying to set us up. Likewise, Kayla and Tony knew we weren’t interested in a relationship right now.

It was still a little crazy. When they introduced us, for the first time ever, the day of the wedding, there was this instant attraction. Turns out they weren’t wrong about us having some kind of connection. When I saw him the first time I got butterflies. He’s pretty much my exact type. Tall, and by tall I mean a full foot  taller than me. Dark hair and eyes, covered in ink and so damn sexy. 

My panties were wet the second I laid eyes on him.

I knew right then I wanted to have sex at the wedding with him. I’m a handsy person, a hugger, instead of shaking hands I usually say hello and goodbye with a hug. I lifted to my toes, wrapped my arms around his neck and our skin met… It felt like gas thrown on a smoldering fire, instant ignition. Every nerve ending in my body sparked, even more so in certain areas. The thought of wrapping myself around him and having him buried inside of me, played in such detail in my mind the desire was instantaneous. 

The bar was byob and I used to bartend. I pitched in and had so much fun, especially because everyone wants to fuck the bartender, The drinks and the dancing seeing other guys coming on to me. I could tell TJ had thought he had it in the bag but now he knew he would have to work for it and he was getting a little jealous.

Good thing he had no idea he actually did have it in the bag. No strings attached, one night stand, completely let loose. Sex at the wedding, with an incredibly handsome man, ummmm yes please! Besides, isn’t it like an unspoken rule that wedding sex doesn’t count after? I mean that’s what I’ve always heard. 

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