Wax Play with Rhiannon – Drip, Burn, and Squirm – Part Two


Ooof. I knew you’d be back to find out how this true story concludes! Or, if you’re just now starting, be sure to check out Part One. It’s going to make reading a lot easier. Shall we get into the wax play? Hehehe. I’d love to. Drip, drip, drip, baby. 


Once in my bedroom, I quickly open the protective covering and spread it over my bed. Wax on my adorable comforter just wouldn’t do, so I appreciate the preparation immensely. As I’m admiring my handiwork, you appear in my bedroom doorway and are telling me to strip. Oooh. Yes, sir! As you say, sir! My clothes aren’t much of a challenge to take off. The shorts and tank top are gone in a flash, and I’m left standing in a high-cut pair of panties and a bra. You tell me that I need to remove the rest, so I do. 


It’s then that you ask me if I have an unscented lotion, and if I do, to cover my body in it. On my bedside table is the tall pump bottle. I pick it up, pump a few pumps into my awaiting hand, and smooth the lotion over my bare flesh. As I’m making sure I’m coated, you let me know that I should concentrate on my ass. Oooh. Is that a hint as to what I can expect? Hehe. Gingerly, I rub the moisturizer into my curvaceous ass, then lie on my stomach on my protected bed, per your instructions. 


As I lie on the bed, I watch you sort through the candles.


Using a small BIC, you light the candles with the wider bases and set them around my room. Some are on my dresser, others on my desk, but they’re all in safe burning places. Then you’re behind me, BIC in hand with a few birthday cake candles. Before I hear any striking of the lighter, your fingers are rubbing my flesh, working my ass muscles. Mmm. I’m loving your touch, and how wonderful you feel. My pussy grows wet as I relax, but also grow anxious. Will the wax burn? Is it going to hurt? Am I going to enjoy it?


You seem to sense my anxiety and shush my mind with your strong hands and warm touch. It’s then that you ask if I’m ready, and I nod. The sound of the lighter is so loud, and then I feel one of your hands on my lower back again as you tell me to prepare for the drips of wax. Drip, drip, drip. Each little dot of wax falls just above my ass crack. It’s hot. The sensation radiates and stings just a bit, but it isn’t painful. I love it! Drip, drip. Another few splashes of wax, though it seems you’ve lowered the candle, so the drips are hotter when they hit my flesh. I whine playfully and you ask me if I’m ready for more. 


Of course I am! I hear you walk to my dresser and know that you’re retrieving a larger candle. The sound of you blowing out the flame excites me. You get on the bed, standing on either side of my body, wanting to pour the wax from a higher point. It is so warm!


It licks my skin with its heat, and pours over my ass, causing me to cry out and fight the urge to squirm! I. Love. It.


With that pour of wax, you use your hands to form little crannies in the wax so that it can hold some tealights. I can hear you snap a couple of pictures with your phone, and I can’t wait to see your handiwork after all.


After I’m warmed up to the sensation of hot wax being dripped on me, and the tealights are removed from my ass, you tell me to lie on my back and close my eyes. I do as I’m told, and then I hear the sound of the lighter again. Then I feel it. Drip, drip, drip, drip. All over my tits. Mmm. It’s so warm! It tingles, causing me to flinch just slightly as a drip of wax falls directly onto my nipple, which then becomes so hard and sensitive. My body squirms again and I’m so turned on!


Drip, drip, drip goes the wax onto my nipples, meanwhile my pussy does the same. 


I know you can see how turned on I am. How I’m thoroughly enjoying the sensory play. You tell me to spread my legs, and again, I do as I’m told. Suddenly, I feel your hand over my pussy mound and your fingers spreading my lips apart as you feel the wetness over my soft folds. Then your fingers are pumping in and out of my sloppy wet pussy, plunging into my depths. It feels amazing! My pussy squeezes your fingers as I orgasm and call out your name.


Well, that’s one way to be introduced to a new kink, isn’t it? Then again, I feel like this is the beginning of something quite beautiful and magical.


I hope you enjoyed my re-telling of a true story! If you want to hear how into the wax I get, you’ll want to buy the audio. It has some fun, sexy, moans, and noises that I just can’t convey via text.


Until next time!






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