Wax Play with Rhiannon – Drip, Burn, and Squirm – Part One


Hey there, handsome. It’s always wonderful when you check out my blog! Because when you do, it only inspires me more to write. This blog entry? Well, it’s another true story about the first time I got a chance to do wax play. The only change is that I made you a part of it. It’s much more fun that way, isn’t it? I hope you enjoy the naughty details about wax dripping onto sensitive areas especially. Hehe.


My feet kick back and forth as I lie on my bed, stomach down. Listening to music, I flick through social media to kill time, watching memes, photos, and ads fly right on by. Eventually, I hear a rhythmic knocking at my front door, and decide that I should probably answer it. With a sigh, I get up from my bed, clad in extra short-shorts and a strappy tank top. I smooth my disheveled clothing and go to answer the door. Grumbling, I stand in front of the door, stand on tiptoe, and look through the peephole to see who it might be. It’s you!


You’re holding a very large shopping bag with both of your arms. How curious!


With little effort, I open the door for you and shake my head, laughing, as you enter. You walk through the living room and set the huge bag onto the kitchen table while I trail behind, dying to know what’s inside! Cracking your knuckles, you dive into its contents and lay them out for me to see. They’re all candles. Some are shabbos candles, some are menorah candles, others are brightly colored birthday cake candles. Why are there so many candles? Tealights, pillars, three-wick. They just keep coming from the bag, seemingly never ending! Eventually, you come to a couple of disposable, plastic, table cloths as well. Puzzled, I look to you for an answer.


Chuckling, you sort through the types of candles, putting like with like. I am still, however, completely in the dark about why you’ve purchased so many candles. Instead of waiting patiently for an answer, I raise an eyebrow, cross my arms in front of my chest, and ask, “What the fuck are these for?” You continue to chuckle to yourself, and shake your head. It’s then that you tell me that these different candles are for the wax play we’d talked about some time back. Suddenly, the memories of us discussing various kinks and things we’d like to try, came rushing back to me. Oh! Well, that makes a lot more sense!


Remembering that conversation, I feel a tingling sensation in my clit.


We talked about so many dirty, fun, things we wanted to try, and wax play was one of the more simple, but enticing, things I wanted to try. Mmmm. Still thinking about it, I feel my pussy grow wet and wanting. Excitedly, I give you a hug for remembering, and ask what the first step is. You let me know that the very first thing we should do is protect the area we’re planning to play on, and toss me one of the plastic table cloths. 


Wickedly, I smile and take the protective sheet with me to my bedroom.


To be continued. . .


Thank you so much for reading my true story blog! I love sharing things that have actually happened to me and then making you a part of them. If you’re dying to find out what happens in part two, but can’t wait until Sunday – I have the whole audio for sale. They are full of extra fun little tidbits. Also, if you’d like to check out another blog of mine that’s a true story, but I write you into the mix, check out my Sissy Degradation blog


Until next time!





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