Watersports Next Door: Fun With The Neighbors, part 2

I’d been babysitting for my neighbors for a while. No big deal. But then they introduced a fun sexual element to the experience when they called me over to babysit but then never left the house! The three of us fucked each other in every way imaginable all night long. It was amazing and it was just the first night of many.

But one of my favorite memories of the house next door was a night when it was just me and the man of the house.

He called me over one night when his wife was out of town at some kind of business convention in Las Vegas. (She actually took me with her on a later trip but that’s another story!)

I went next door and knocked on the door. He was naked when he opened the door. Of course, there was nothing shocking about that at all. I’d seen him naked so many times.

He was naked when he opened the door. Nice!

He invited me in and we went straight upstairs. But this time, we didn’t go to the bedroom. He asked me if I’d come with him into the bathroom. Of course, I said yes!

Once inside the bathroom, he asked me if I’d ever heard of water sports. Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a very sexual household. Sure, I’d heard of water sports. But oddly, I’d never done it. I mean, yeah, my family has its share of fetishes, but somehow that just wasn’t one of them.

Still, I was eager to please. I told him I knew what it was and that I was more than happy to have some hot, yellow fun with him. Even so, I will admit that I was relieved when he told me that he wanted me to pee on him rather than the other way around! (Eventually I did let him pee on me but, again, that’s another story!)

I was always eager to please. If he wanted watersports, he was going to get watersports!

He hopped into the tub and I stripped off my clothes and hopped in right after him. I positioned myself over him as he lay down on his back and I tried to pee. It took a little time. I didn’t really have to go. But I was able to squirt out a few drops for him.

The golden liquid splashed onto his chest and he just rubbed it around his skin like it was some kind of heavenly lotion. He was obviously enjoying the wet feeling. But I wanted to give him more. So, I excused myself and went down to the kitchen for something to drink.

I found some booze in the cabinet and downed it. Vodka. Never my favorite, then or now. But it did the trick.

I ran back upstairs and jumped back in the tub. It still took a little while for the vodka to work its way through my system but when it came out, it came out in a big way.

I peed all over him! Watersports was turning out to be really fun!

I drenched him. He was soaked, from head to toe. And the best part, when I looked down, I saw that his mouth was open and he was taking in as much as he could catch!

The alcohol worked quickly on me that night. By the time I was finished peeing, I was drunk out of my mind. Drunk enough, in fact, to let him fuck the hell out of me while still covered in my urine.

We really had a great time that night. Since moving out on my own, I’ve come to realize how hard it is to find such good neighbors. I still go back to visit frequently. In fact, I visit them at least as often as I visit my own family!


Buy the audio for parts 1 and 2 here. There are lots of juicy details

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