Watersport Adventure Part One-STA-A27-0001-03-6-2024.

Watersport Adventure Part One-STA-A27-0001-03-6-2024. My name is Stacy. At the time of this story I was
eighteen-years old and was in school. I was an average size girl with very good looks and had blond medium-length curly hair.

I reached puberty at the beginning of sixth grade and my
body was very developed. My breasts were nice B-cups, my
butt was round, and my pussy lips were plushy with a
full covering of light pubic hair.

My best friend was Monique. Monique had just started
puberty. Her short brunette hair mirrored her straight,
almost flat boyish body. Her breasts were barely A-cups,
her twat was a mere slit, and she had absolutely no
pubic hair.

I knew this from us changing in front of each other many times.

We were, as I said, best friends and did everything

Our interest in watersports started one night while
Monique was sleeping over. My computer was having
issues so I borrowed my dad’s laptop since he was out of
town on business. As we were looking around on it in my
bedroom, we came upon a folder marked “newsgroups”. When
I clicked on it, I saw that it was password protected.
Since my father’s favorite movie was Goodfellas, I typed
it in and amazingly it worked.

What we got was one long list of links starting with
“alt binaries sex…” and then a topic. We scrolled down
the list and found one that sounded interesting. It was
alt binaries sex underage watersports. Then we got
another list of specific titles of videos and jpegs.

What we discovered was a real surprise.

There were titles of hundreds of pictures and videos featuring
teens and preteens peeing. We were curious and clicked
on several of the videos.

All featured young girls. Many showed them just peeing
in toilets. Some showed them peeing in various glasses
and bowls while some showed them peeing outdoors. A few
showed them peeing in their pants and even through their
panties. It was exciting watching the liquid flow out of
their pussy lips.

Some of the videos also featured men and boys. The young
girls not only watched them pee but also often helped by
holding their cocks. There were also videos of people
peeing on each other.

Both Monique and me were oddly attracted to watching these.

We never realized it, but although we had seen each
other naked a lot, we never really saw each other pee.
We decided to remedy that right then.

As we moved into my attached bathroom, I volunteered to go first…

Stripping completely so that she could get a better
view, I spread my legs and squatted above the toilet. It
took a few minutes but then my plush pussy lips parted
and a stream of yellowish urine came shooting out.
Monique watched closely as it hit the toilet and
finally came to a dribble. The blond pubic hair around
my opening was soaked so I wiped it with some tissue and
flushed it away.


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