Voyueristic Mutual Masturbation with Faith – Part 1

The sun was just starting to set as I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex. After working all day I was exhausted. All I wanted was a hot shower and my comfy bed. I had no idea that I was going to have the hottest voyueristic mutual masturbation session I’d ever experienced. 

I closed my front door and collapsed into my comfy chair for a few minutes to rest my feet. Kicking off my evil heels, I dimmed the light next to the chair.  My head fell  back and I closed my eyes to let the hectic day I’d had disappear along with the sun that was slowly drifting below the horizon. I could still see rays of sunlight peeking across the roof apartment building next door.

I must have fallen asleep there in the chair, because when my eyes opened again, it was dark outside. My own living room was dark as well. The only illumination coming from a window in the unit across the way. 

I sat there for a few minutes just daydreaming. The nap had refreshed me and I was feeling a lot better. I was just getting ready to head for the shower when I saw a figure move in the window of the building directly across from me. The window was a rear bedroom and only a small lamp on a bedside table lighted the room.

Was this my new neighbor?

My eyes opened wider when I realized that the figure was a man moving around in the room wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I couldn’t quite make out what he was doing but he was leaning over toward the nightstand at the side of the bed.

I was still in need of a hot shower and some sleep but I was entranced at the sight of this near naked man exposed to me. His bedroom window was not very far away and I could see that he had a nice body, and was in very good shape. I hadn’t met the man yet. He had just  moved in a couple of weeks ago, but the growing warmth coming from between my legs was making me wish that I had.

He was still leaning over his bedside nightstand, so I stood up and stretched. I was surrounded by darkness so I knew there was no way anyone could see me. I slowly took off my short skirt and blouse and dropped them to the floor. Still looking at my neighbor, I started to rubbing my breasts. My nipples were getting hard with all the naughty images running through my mind. When I saw him sit back upright, I removed my bra and panties and sat back in my chair to see what else I might see.

This could be really fun!

My chair felt luxurious as it wrapped around my sweet little ass. There was enough room between the armrests to spread my legs wide and still have a wonderful view of my neighbor’s bedroom. I ran my hands down from my breasts and started playing with my sweet, bald little pussy. My hole was starting to get very wet and sticky. I had never had any voyeuristic tendencies before, but the wetness between my legs told me that I was enjoying this immensely.

My neighbor had found whatever he was looking for and had reached up and turned his light down a click in brightness. A tingle ran through my body as he reached up to his waistband and in one quick movement, stripped off his boxers. As he lifted off the bed to remove them I could see the cheeks of his firm, hard ass. I stared at his muscular rear end and slipped a finger down between the lips of my pussy. Slowly, I started rubbing my clit back and forth.  I was soaking wet at the sight of this sexy naked body. Knowing that he had no clue I was watching turned me on more than I’d ever imagined. 

I was breathing hard and playing with  my pussy lips when my neighbor suddenly lay back on the bed. The sudden view of his fine backside and trim hard body sent another chill through my body.

I started to stroke my clit slowly, getting it all nice and wet with my yummy pussy juice. 

My neighbor still had his back to me; he was laying on his right side and was propped up on his arm like he was reading a book. His left arm was dangling down his side and he was stroking his hips slowly with his hand. His hand disappeared in front of his body and I could just make out his ass moving back and forth in small, short movements.

It was obvious to me what he was doing. The fact that I was secretly watching him at such an intimate moment was turning me on like I had never been turned on before. My fingers were stroking my clit and pussy furiously as the passion was building up between my legs. I leaned back a little more and placed my legs up on the armrests of my big chair. My hot pussy was spread wide open as I fingered myself in pleasure.

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