Voyeurs’ paradise, Aria’s declaration to you part two

I’m unsure of when it started. When did I become the Voyeurs’ Paradise? I only started suspecting something was off when some of my panties went missing. That’s how I knew that someone had been in my dorm room. When? Do they come in when I’m gone? Or am I sleeping when they slip in?

I know it should have scared or repulsed me. But for some reason it excited me. It was flattering to know that I had someone who thought me worthy of such action. It was pure luck when I saw you through the window outside of the hotel. Your cock was rock hard and I could see cum dripping down the glass.

You stood there, frozen in fear at being caught. Not to worry… I give you a smile and wink to let you know I’m okay with it. Spreading my legs a little wider and kept eye contact as I slid two fingers into my sore and swollen pussy and pull out a big load of cum and sucked it off my fingers. I moved my head imperceptibly to the window, indicating his cum shot. I hoped you understood what I meant.

After that it was easier to spot you as you followed me.

I made sure to give you plenty of material for your twisted fantasies. Did you like that I went around without panties on? Showed you my bare ass and pussy a few times. I started bringing men to my dorm for hookups, hoping that you could watch it somehow.

Did you watch when I got tied up by the professor? Did you watch him play with my ready and willing body like a finely tuned instrument? I wondered if you were an ass man, so I started wearing a butt plug everywhere.

Did you enjoy that officer ripping apart my ass in plain sight? I hope it blew your mind to see me take such a brutal session in my ass. Maybe I’ll tell you all about my history with him someday. But knowing that all my holes are available must be exciting for you. Men like you enjoy violating women, so thinking that my ass is open season? I smiled at the thought of how crazy I must be driving you.

I even started sleeping naked and without the covers.

That’s when I knew you would be there when I was sleeping. I’d wake up in the morning laying in a puddle of my own juices, and a dried load of cum on my taut stomach. You must not do anything to risky when I’m sleeping if you didn’t wake me. So I started giving you subtle hints that I wanted you. My special little fan. You have dedicated so much time for me, it’s the least I could do.

So here I am, laying in bed pretending to be asleep. Naked as the day I was born, legs spread to expose my pussy. Will you come? Will you take the bait I so carefully laid out? This is your end goal right? I am the grand prize, and here I am offering it to you. I hope you enjoy.

I’m practically tied with a bow. My present to you.

I hope the conclusion to my Voyeurs’ Paradise blog was as satisfying to read as it was to write. If you missed part one, click here to catch up now. If you want to hear my personal message to my sweet little Voyeur? Check out the audio here.




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