Voyeurs’ paradise, Aria’s declaration to you part one

You first see me on campus, the first day of freshman year. After a couple hours of covert investigation, you think that you have found the jackpot. That I’m a voyeurs’ paradise. The way I seem to live my life oblivious to my surroundings, and always showing off something. I’m an easy target for you. You fall into the easy routine I lay out for you. I am pretty predictable after all.

It isn’t long before you find out what an insatiable slut I am. Always wearing short skirts, tight dresses, flirting with everyone that catches my eye. You’re always there for each and every one of my escapades though. Somehow you have always managed to get a good spot to watch me. The tree outside of the philosophy professors office is a personal favorite for you.

You cum within thirty seconds of stroking your cock as you watch me choke and gag on his. You imagine that it is you in there, getting the best blowjob of your life. Cranking out a second round when the professor takes me on the desk. Part of you wants to close your eyes and imagine you in his place, but the other part of you can’t bear to stop watching. Your eyes are transfixed on me. In your mind I am the perfect woman. Petite, sweet, oblivious, and always offering up one of my holes in plain view for you.

You are in my closet hiding when you hear my friend Lorraine convince me to go to a party.

You know in your heart that I will end up spreading my legs for someone at a party, so you are determined to be there. Watching through the slats of my closet doors as I change into a slutty blue dress and black lingerie.

You’ve been watching me long enough to know that this is one of my classic ‘fuck me’ outfits. Your cock twinges in your hand as you slowly stroke to me. You cum on a pair of my panties that you have taken from my hamper. The thought of cumming on something that has been on my pussy pleases you.

You scramble to follow me when you hear me leaving my room. You have to make sure you don’t lose me. But like always, I make it easy for you to follow. Driving a safe distance behind us as we make our way to the hotel. You feel disappointed that you wont be able to sneak into the party itself, but you find a pretty good perch outside a window.

You thank the heavens that we are too stupid to make sure the curtains are closed. Because you are there, dick in hand all over again as you watch a behemoth of a black man carry my half dressed body to one of the two queen beds.

You squirt all over yourself as the realization hits you.

You stay in your spot for hours, in rapt attention as you watch me get pounded by every guy in the party. My screams are heard through the window, and now you know what I sound like when I’m stuffed with cock. You masturbate until it is painful to touch your poor overused cock. But still you watch, dedicated to observing every moment of my sex life.

Finally in the early hours of the morning, the sea of black men have exhausted themselves and you have an unobstructed view of my trembling form. The sight of my pussy oozing cum wakes up your sore cock, and you cant help but bust one final, excruciating nut. But as you unload yourself on the window, you freeze in place. We lock eyes, and your heart practically jumps out of your chest.

I give you a sly little smile and wink at you. Your secret is safe with me…

Did part one of my Voyeurs’ Paradise blog excite your dirty little mind? Make sure you come back Sunday to read the thrilling conclusion! You want to hear my direct message to my kinky little fan? The audio is available now for your enjoyment.




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