Voyeuristic Mutual Masturbation with Faith – Part 4

This is the finale of my dirty voyeuristic mutual masturbation story.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! My body was quivering, as I continued fingering my pussy and stroking my tits. I was getting very excited just thinking about the man who was watching in the dark next door. A small orgasm shot through me as I imagined his fingers penetrating the lips of my pussy. I pulled my legs up on the bed and lay back against the headboard of the bed.

My robe had now fallen completely off of my shoulders and was crumpled underneath me. I slowly pulled the nightie off and was now laying on my bed completely naked. I moved over on my side so I was in the same position that I had watched my neighbor in. My bare ass was open to the window for him to see. I reached over to the table beside my bed and slipped my hand into the drawer to pull out a vibrator that I kept there. I kept the vibrator out of my neighbor’s sight. With my back still towards the window, I played the vibrator over my nipples and breasts. The vibrations caused little ripples of pleasure to flow through me and made my nipples even harder.

I moved the vibrator down between my legs and let it slide over my clit.

As I felt the intense vibrations, I jumped in shock as the tip touched me. I was getting very turned on again and my pussy lips were opening as the pleasure started to build.

It was time to include my neighbor in the next part of my act so I moved over to my back and slid across the bed until I was closer to the window. I brought the vibrator up so that it was in full view, then brought the tip down to rest right on my clit.

I massaged my pussy with the vibrator for several minutes without actually penetrating it. One of my legs dangled off the side of the bed for a more tantalizing view and continued to pleasure myself with the vibrator. My breasts were heaving as another orgasm was building within me but I was determined to finish what I started.

Nothing was hotter than having him watch me.

I pulled the vibrator from my clit and slid my legs off the bed until I was sitting directly in front of the window in perfect view of my neighbor. Then I reached over to the table and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Making a big show of it, I covered the vibrator completely with the KY, then I rubbed what was left on my fingers into the lips of my pussy. My legs were spreading wider and I was completely exposed.

I slowly lay back on the bed and opened my legs even wider. My pussy was wet and open now and I placed the vibrator right at the entrance to my cunt. My breathing was becoming labored and I was dying to cum but I slowly pushed the vibrator until it forced open my pussy. The vibrator was sending waves of pleasure through my but I kept it from penetrating me. Then inch-by-inch, I pushed it in till it filled me completely, stretching the lips of my cunt and making me tremble in pleasure. Moaning out loud, I pulled it all the way out until just the tip remained inside me and then I shoved it all the way inside in one hard thrust.

I started to fuck my pussy wildly with the vibrator, moving my hips in rhythm with each stroke.

I was thrashing, violently around the bed, as my orgasm was building to a tremendous level. The combination of the vibrator and the thought of the man next door with a perfect view of my wickedly spread legs brought me to a wonderful, totally earthshaking orgasm. I arched my back toward the window, just as my neighbor had done earlier, as my body shook in pleasure.

After it was over I fell back on the bed, with my legs still spread toward the window. The vibrator was still embedded deep inside my pussy and juice was dripping onto the bed. I had never felt to totally nasty and wicked.  I could hardly move and it took a concentrated effort to rise up on my elbows and reach over to turn out the light.

After I clicked the light off I fell back on my side and looked toward the dark window next door. Several seconds passed in silence. I was sure that he had been watching but I couldn’t tell in the darkness.

Was he watching me?

Just as I was about to lay back and go to sleep a light flared. My neighbor had struck a match to light a cigarette. He had been there after all. In the light of the match, I could see him clearly, sitting in a chair in front of the window. As he held the match out to blow it out, the light extended down his body and I could make out his cock, still semi-hard, and still covered with cum. It was glistening in the light as his cream slid down his shaft. He brought the match up to his lips and blew it out. The room dropped back into darkness and I could see no more movement.

I could feel the vibrator start to fall from my pussy. It slowly slid out, still sticky from the KY and from my pussy juices. Since I didn’t have the strength to put it away, I just lay my head back on my pillow and fell asleep dreaming about my new neighbor, and all the fun we were going to have!

I really hope you enjoyed my voyeuristic mutual masturbation story! It was so much fun writing it.  If you want to hear this naughty story in my sweet little voice, you should purchase my audio.  You won’t be disappointed!

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