Voyeuristic Mutual Masturbation with Faith – Part 3

Are you super excited to continue our sexy voyeuristic mutual masturbation saga? I’ve been aching to tell you more! After I closed the curtains, I turned and let out a long tremendous sigh. After all of that masturbating, I was even more need for a shower and rest than when I had first returned home. I stepped into the hot stream of water and felt a wave of tension flow from my body as the pulsating spray washed over me. It felt so good, so I stayed in the hot shower for almost 30 minutes and emerged clean and ready to hit the sack.

My mind was filled with images of the scene I had just played with my new neighbor. I could only imagine what was going through his mind. As I laid down on my bed and pictured his sculpted body through his window. I was drifting off into sleep so I leaned over to turn off the light. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a light come on in my neighbor’s window. I waited till I could see his figure in the middle of the room then I clicked off the light and bathed my bedroom in darkness.

My neighbor looked up as my light went off and I could see him watching my dark window. He moved over and sat down on the edge of his bed, still looking intently at my window. Still sitting on the bed, he reached over to his lamp and then cast himself into the dark.

I sat there for several minutes, wondering what he was doing. I had the feeling that he was still sitting there on his bed, watching my window, waiting. Was I going to continue with this voyeuristic mutual masturbation adventure I was on? 

With my breath held tightly, I reached up and turned my light back on.

I knew that I would be in perfect view of my neighbor. Teasing him was so much fun. Thinking to myself, I wondered briefly whether I’d have the courage to go to the next step.

Standing up, I walked to my closet. I was out of his view so I quickly dropped my robe and put on a very sheer, very short baby doll nightgown, then put my robe back on and moved back into view. Knowing he was watching, I stretched luxuriously, making a big show of it while standing right next to my bed. Keeping my back to the window, I let the robe fall open and down around my shoulders. I turned around and sat down on the bed, knowing that my open robe was very revealing. My nipples were getting hard as I looked at the dark window next door and wondered if my neighbor was still there, watching me. I was sure that he was and I was going to take full advantage of the situation. 

As I imagined him rubbing his hard dick, I started to massage my breasts through the opening in my robe. My baby doll nightgown was more like a sheer robe that opened in front. As I kneaded my breasts and pinched my nipples, it started to open and fall away. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my wonderful neighbor’s hands that were moving under my robe. I could feel myself becoming excited and slowly moved one hand from my breast down to my stomach.

As I stroked myself I could feel a familiar wetness start again between my legs.

I was determined to put on a good show for my man next door. Moaning, I moved a hand between my lips and started teasing my bald slit. I opened my legs slightly but kept my pussy blocked from his view with my hand. There was no way that he couldn’t tell I was fingering myself. I slid a finger inside, teasing my hole, and felt the juicing starting to flow. Slowly I pulled it out and brought it to my lips. My tongue played over it and I sucked my finger into my mouth. I could taste my wetness and it made me even more excited.

Have you enjoyed my naughty voyeuristic mutual masturbation story? Stay tuned for the finale on Sunday!

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