Voyeuristic Mutual Masturbation with Faith – Part 2

I was very close to coming now as I continued to stroke and probe my cunt. The little tremors of pleasure I was creating were making me shiver in ecstasy. My neighbor was pistoning his hips back and forth now a little more forcefully. This voyeuristic mutual masturbation session was one of the hottest things I’ve ever been a part of. 

He moved so that he was lying on his back and my breath was taken away in a loud gasp as his cock was suddenly ‘There’, in its full magnificent glory. It was huge, bigger than any I’d ever seen before. His hand was stroking it up and down in a rapid, fever-pitched pace. He was now arching his hips in time with each stroke on his red, hot cock. He was practically fucking his hand and I was suddenly wishing that I was there instead of his hand. I could practically feel his cock as it pistoned in and out of my dripping cunt.

Stabbing me with pleasure and filling me with wild abandoned ecstasy.

My orgasm was almost upon me when my neighbor suddenly stopped in mid-thrust, his hips still off the bed and his hand was gripping his cock tightly at the base. He coiled and gave one last thrust into the air. A string of white cum exploded from the tip of his cock and shot into the air. He spasmed again, and then a third time. I watched his cock shooting his load of cum and bit my lips as my own body arched out of my chair. My fingers slid into my cunt and penetrated deeply as an orgasm shook my body. I felt dizzy as wave after wave of pleasure spun through me as I collapsed into my chair.

My neighbor had fallen back onto his bed and seemed to be doing the same thing as I was. Trying to regain his lost breath and calm down. It seemed to me that he had had a wonderful orgasm, but I had never felt any pleasure like I just experienced.

After several minutes of resting there on his bed, my neighbor sat up and pulled on his shorts again. He reached up and turned off his bedside lamp and his room was lit only by a light from another room. He stood and walked over to his window and looked out. I could see his silhouette in the window clearly as he stood there looking out. I was sure that he couldn’t see me at all, even as close as our apartments are, because of the darkness of my room.

A sudden wicked thought ran through my mind!

Before I could change my mind, I reached up and clicked on the lamp next to my chair. I couldn’t see his face but I was sure his jaw was dropping in shock as I was suddenly illuminated, with my legs still spread wide. My pussy was still glistening with moisture and in full view, for him to see.

The outline of my neighbor was frozen into place. As he reached down and pulled open his window I clicked the light back off and disappeared into the darkness again. I stood and walked to the window and I could feel the wetness from my pussy start to run down my leg. Little aftershocks from my orgasm were still making my legs shaky as I reached up and pulled my curtains closed. The last view of my new neighbor was of him leaning out of his window, probably straining to get a better view of me but I remained in the dark.

To be continued…

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my voyeuristic mutual masturbation story.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far!

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