Virgin Seduction, Night of The Succubus By Katrina Part 2

This virgin seduction continues as our succubus eventually, forms into his ideal mate. She is slender, tall, fair-skinned with long golden brown tresses. He still doesn’t know her name but he does know that he is deeply in love. The sex he’s experiencing is incomparable. His mother says to him, “Of course it is since she is but a dream.” and then laughs it off, but inwardly, she worries about him.

What he doesn’t tell his mother about this progressing virgin persuasion is that sometimes when he is awake and in public he will suddenly see her and she will brush by him touching him in intimate ways, exciting him and simultaneously embarrassing him because there are others watching. Although, they don’t seem to notice the gorgeous woman dressed in white and silver wearing a necklace, earrings, and rings of obsidian each with a central stone of aquamarine or the velvety black cat that accompanies her on her travels.

Then the time draws near for her to complete her virgin seduction and she comes to him fully in the night. He goes to bed early so that he could see her again in his dreams, but comes awake suddenly and finds that he is paralyzed. She is standing in his bedroom. He tries to call out. He’s not sure if he’s calling out to her or his mother that is in the other room, but he can’t speak. She seems to drift towards him and then she’s hovering over his naked body kissing and fondling him. He definitely enjoys what she is doing, but he’s still terrified. He is completely enthralled and can’t move. Their sexual encounter continues and he becomes rapt with ecstasies he’d never imagined.

The next morning, he tells his mother that she really came to him the previous evening.

His mother asks her name and where she lives but he can’t seem to remember. She states her concerns and he reluctantly agrees to his mother sleeping in his bedroom that night. This doesn’t stop our succubus from continuing the virgin persuasion. In fact, she finds it funny. The two, mother and son, are fast asleep when she arrives. Undisturbed, She continues. His mother wakes suddenly and sees this beautiful golden, brunette woman with shining eyes and smooth, pale skin ravishing her son. Her son is laying there immobile, completely naked, and fully erect. Our succubus sees her awake and snarls. Then even as she’s copulating with the son, she reaches over and slaps his mother. She hits so hard that the mother tumbles from the bed onto the floor.

Once his mother recovers and stands up, the young woman disappears. The virgin seduction is successful. Then she wakes her son who only has sketchy memories of a dream visit from his love. However, there is evidence that something strange had happened. His mother has a split lip that is bleeding and there are a few drops of cum on his lower abdomen. Even though she feels fear, his mother scolds him about his nighttime emissions and insists that he go to church and repent for his sins that very day. He does and at her insistence, prays for forgiveness and begs for no further ravishing by his mystery lover ever again still believing it all a crazy dream and he is still a virgin.

His prayers go unheard because that very next night she visits one last time.

The succubus applies the finishing touch to her virgin seduction by visiting one last time. He begins dreaming of her standing in his bedroom dressed like he’d seen her in public with her black cat. Then he wakes and finds her hovering over him smiling, paralyzing him. She says, “Do you know of succubi?” and to his surprise, he says, “No.” Her smile widens then and almost becomes a smirk. Right before him, her face transforms into a demonic, leering snarl and her beautiful teeth become fangs. Laughingly she says, “I am a succubus and we take the souls of virgins that we deflower which give us eternal youth and beauty.” He is horrified and lets out a blood-curdling scream which has his mother racing into his bedroom. By the time she throws the door open and turns on the light, our succubus disappeared. When his mother turns to look at her son, now sitting up in his bed, she screams. He is no longer her young son but appears to be a man decades older than herself.

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