Virgin-Brother’s Best Friend-Part 1

I was young when I started dreaming about having sex. I would go to bed and rub my hands all over my breasts imagining it was another boy’s hands. Eventually I made my way down and found an amazing sensation when I would touch myself. I figured out pretty quickly where to rub and how to rub in order to feel so good that eventually would lead to the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had before. But I was still a Virgin.


 I remember the first time I met my older brother’s best friend, Jake. He was so hot to me and when he would smile, it would make me melt. He wore baggy pants, big t-shirts, had small hoop earrings and a backwards hat. Jake was just my type. A real bad boy who broke rules and had fun.  But he was 3 years older than me and completely off limits. I too was off limits to him.  I knew my brother would never be ok with us hooking up. 


  A few months went by and I was seeing more and more of Jake. One day he showed up at my house while my mom and brother were gone. I let him come in to wait but I knew they would be gone for a few hours.  I turned on the TV and sat on the couch a few seats away from him. We were just chatting when Jake suggested I come sit over by him. So I moved closer. I was now up against him, arms touching. Feeling nervous, but excited that this sexy guy wanted me to sit close to him. I could feel the heat rising between us.

I was becoming breathless and my heart was pounding. 


Jake put his hand on my leg and moved it back and forth in small circles. That made my heart pound harder. Then started to slowly move it up my thigh.  I was really nervous now but I let him take control. I knew this was exactly what I had been dreaming about since I met him. His hand reached my crotch and he slowly rubbed it with his fingers. At that point I completely relaxed as he was very gentle and calm. I looked into his eyes and I knew I trusted him. He knew me, he wanted me and he took good care of me.  After a few minutes of rubbing me I saw his pants tighten. I knew he was hot for me just as I had been for him all along.

Virgin Sex


Jake then asked me to lay down on my back, so I did. He slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I was now in my shirt and white cotton panties with pink hearts on them. Getting himself back in position on top of me without touching our bodies together yet, he looked at me and asked if I was ok with this. He knew I was a Virgin. Staring back into his beautiful brown eyes knowing how much I wanted him. I nodded and whispered, Yes!


I hope you have enjoyed reading part 1 of my virgin blog. Please come back on Friday to hear part 2.  If you can’t wait until Friday, then you can purchase my Audio Blog and hear it in my sexy voice.


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