Second time I’m her bad boy

Today was my second time with Venus.  I loved how she dominated me, but loved submitting to her commands.  I was her little bad boy, She answered the door, standing there in full black latex and high heeled boots, and whip in hand.  “Come in my pet, are you here to please me?  I know you will do as I say,”  she said.  While nodding, she placed the leash around my neck and led me down to her room of pleasure and pain.  I stood up against the wall, arms and legs apart as she cuffed me in restraints.

Does it feel good my bad boy

She placed a blindfold over my eyes.  I was excited and I trusted her completely.  Venus took her whip and ran it down my back.  She then began to whip my ass, starting gently.  With each whip, I flinched, and the intensity slowly increased.  She came closer to me, her hot breath against my neck.  “My bad boy, I want to hear you moan, moan my name, mistress.  Does it feel good?”  I asked permission to speak, and told her “it feels so good.”  She whipped me harder across my back and ass.  I felt a deep burn radiate through my whole body.

Whipped my bad boys ass

Venus stepped closer behind me.  Her breath breathing on me.  I felt her caress my ass, and then she slapped me so hard.  My ass was so red from her whipping and her hands.  She reached her hand between my legs and took hold of my cock.  She had a tight grip on it, and was holding it tight.  My cock was so hard, I was so aroused and excited.  Venus cupped my balls and then ran her fingers to my ass.  There she forcibly inserted her fingers hard into my ass.  I moaned with each thrust into my ass.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure with the sultry Dominatrix Venus!  Come back for more dirty tales!!

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