Vampire Fantasy, A Cautionary Tale of What Moves in The Mist Part 2

“Are you the devil or an illusion?” Katrina says breathlessly. The creature only laughs in return and increases the ministrations of his tongue on her pussy lips. She feels it licking inside of her increasing her wetness, even more, every second. Katrina knows she has never been this wet in her life. She is lost in an indescribable moment between fear and pleasure. She moans involuntarily from fear or desire she does not know. Katrina feels her hips rise to meet the mouth of this demon lover. She feels his lips against her softest skin, smiling, and then his tongue inside of her pussy. It is filling her more than any tongue should be able to fill a woman. She feels it lapping at the tip of her cervix and then deeper still into her womb.

Katrina’s body is on fire wherever the tongue licks. She feels tingling sensations. Currents of lusty heat crowd out any fear she is feeling. She could think of nothing except this boiling heat and burning in swirling pools in her deepest depths. The waves of longing need cresting higher and higher.

In the vampire fantasy, Katrina could no longer remember the mist in the room or even her name when the tongue finally pulls out from inside of her pussy. It leaves her feeling more empty than she could bear. Her cries of pleasure turn to cries of pain from the cold empty loss in her recently burning depths. She opens her eyes feeling movement and finds those smoky, blackened eyes directly above her own. 

Katrina is entranced.

She barely notices the blood dripping down his chin or the fangs standing out prominently. They are glistening with drops of blood still clinging to them. Then she forgets everything as she feels his hardness pushing against her drenched opening. He is sliding inside of her and filling the empty spaces his tongue so recently vacated. Her hips start to press upward demanding more of him as he slowly fucks her aching pussy.

With her eyes closed, all Katrina thinks or feels is his demon vision cock working its way in and out of her pussy. He is going deeper into her with every stroke. She feels filled and stuffed once he is finally as deep inside as possible. Fancifully, she imagines his cock lay coiled inside of her like a great snake waiting to leap, moving constantly, changing position, coiling and uncoiling itself to rub against her most sensitive areas. Then the building waves of her orgasm break cascading and crashing throughout her body. Unconsciously, Katrina’s body writhing on her silken sheets.

Colors are dancing before her eyes. Her spirit lifts to another plane of being. Katrina never imagined that an orgasm could carry her away in such a fashion. The overwhelming sensations and emotions are broken once, briefly, by the feel of two sharp pricks on the side of her neck. 

Then she returns to that lightheaded, euphoric feeling of being carried away.

The vampire fantasy continues as Katrina cries out. Her orgasm rocks deeper through her body and mind. She feels herself becoming lighter as it begins to subside. She merely lays there half dreaming and half awake. Katrina can not lift her head or open her eyes. She is still wondering if this all simply a dream. Then the blackness descended over her and there was no more.

The mist descends from her bed and collects in the open doorway. Looking back once more on the beautiful pale skin in sharp contrast to the blood-red sheets. Katrina’s eyes closed forevermore in peaceful repose. She would be beautiful for all eternity now. He catches an errant drop of blood still resting on his lip. Greedily he sucks the drop from his finger and smiles. Turning, he drifts off into the balmy night air.

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