Vampire Fantasy, A Cautionary Tale of What Moves in The Mist Part 1

This vampire fantasy is in the dog days of August when the heat is almost unbearable. Even after the sun sets, the heat rose in waves from the hot, dry ground. Katrina lays naked twisting restlessly in her bed. The French doors are wide open to encourage what little night breeze there may be to skim across her naked flesh; entwined in her blood-red satin sheets. Her fitful dreams weave in and out of consciousness.

Katrina turns towards the open patio. She is unsure if she is awake or dreaming. It seems there could be a slight mist rolling across the hardwood floor. In her dreaming/waking state, she smiles in the hopes that the mist will prove to be cooling on her smooth skin. She pulls the final inches of satin free from her legs and lays on her back with knees spread wide as the mist starts to crawl up and over her bed. Katrina could feel the cooling droplets of water to her infinite joy. There is a tingling sensation in the nerves of her skin as the mist slowly creeps over her body.

Katrina lays there enjoying the respite from the heat as our demon illusion continues. She felt a little silly having a fantasy/dream of a cooling mist that continues to cover the length of her body. The nerves along her stomach and breasts going from a light tingle to an increasing coolness. It grazes across her body and her nipples start to harden. Perhaps it was imagination, but it felt almost like cool hands caressing her skin as it stretched across her naked body. Katrina is somewhat turned on and actually lets out a giggle.

She still wonders if this is a dream or reality.

Katrina’s breathing becomes raspier as her body responds to the sensual attention of the mist now brushing her clitoris and labia. She feels her pussy starting to moisten. Katrina’s desires stir and she wants to touch herself. She wants release from this sweet torture. So, Katrina tries to slide her hands down to the slippery wetness between her thighs. She finds that she can not move her hands or arms. A small trickle of fear begins to enter her mind. She sees her arms spread out wide in either direction as she looks around. Katrina gasps when she sees hands holding onto her wrists pinning them to the bed. Fear grips her fully now conflicting with the desire she feels burning inside.

The vampire illusion becomes more real as the mist between her legs strengthens its movement. The feeling is almost like a tongue as it licks and stimulates clit. Instead of being cool, it is warm, moist, and welcoming against her pussy. Still, the fear surfaces in waves against the desire. She was able to raise her head a few inches off the bed. So, Katrina was able to look down between her widespread legs.

She could see the mist now taking shape. 

She sees a man with silky, shiny black hair with a glistening streak of silver. His skin is so pale that it is almost luminous. Her mind struggles with the logic of the mist being a man. He is a man with arms long enough to hold her wrists. Yet, still, he has his head buried between her legs. Her eyes wander until his eyes lock on her eyes. His eyes seem likely to burn holes into the soul of any who dares to look long enough into them. His eyes are first black, then red, then gray, and finally filled with flames. Then snaps back to black all in a glance.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Vampire Fantasy, A Cautionary Tale of What Moves in The Mist Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Vampire Fantasy, A Cautionary Tale of What Moves in The Mist Parts 1 & 2!

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Kisses, Katrina


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