Vacuum Cleaner – My Powerful Magic Sub Sucker Machine

As someone who loves to play with toys, I have a wide assortment of different vacuums.  I can suck anyone up. I have a special room that holds everything that can suck. For instance, It’s not just a vacuum cleaner, it’s a breast pump, it’s a turkey baster, it’s my mouth, and an assortment of vacuums that I enjoy.  And it’s all under my control.  

Sometimes when I’m in the mood to dominate and play with my little subs, I like to shock them awake by turning on the vacuum cleaner.  Not only to get their attention but also because they know my vacs can suck up anything that they have.  Anything. Ideas. Bodily Fluids.  Souls.

When I’m playing, they need to be careful to not get swept up by the propelling vortex.  Once the power of the pump of suction starts, only I can make it stop.  The more it sucks, the bigger it gets. Subs are just a speck of dust waiting to be pulled into the vortex.  

Suck it up, Buttercup

My magic vacuum, already loud and domineering, grows bigger and bigger with every scream of terror from my subs lips.   In addition, it paralyzes them as it begins to suck them closer and closer to its ever-growing mouth. It excites me as I watch their hair fly up towards the gaping opening.  So, only I can command these appliances.  My vacuums don’t even need to be plugged in.   

Not unlike the force of outer space, sucking you out to oblivion, the power of my toys will suck anyone into my control.  Of course, the power of the suction isn’t about pleasure for my subs, it’s for mine. I like to focus my attention on the experience of vacuuming. Of sucking.  I observe the sensations in my body as I work and I’ll listen to the sounds of the motor. I watch all my little subs struggle not to disappear as I suck them up into my bag.  Also, I like to smell the sweet air that the suction pushes out after it’s siphoned on everything in its wake.  

With a flick of my finger, I can control everything my vacuum cleaner does.  I don’t think about the difficulties in using it or how it works for me as I enjoy the friendly acceptance of that slowly and steadily growing suction.  In addition to the rush and power engulfing me, the knowledge that my littles subs will be trembling at the sight of me makes me wet.   

The farther away my subs try to run, the bigger it gets. 

It grows with fear. I can suction the very life out of my young minions if I chose to.  If I am obeyed me and shown a healthy respect for the power of my toys, a few MAY get the opportunity to play with me.  However, I will pump and suck their essence into me.  Every particle of their being will belong to me. They’re welcome!


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