Vacation with Krystal!

I felt her hand gently brush up against my wet pussy. I perked up my ass a little in hopes she would really rub me down there. Of course, I didn’t want to accidentally misread the situation. She took the bait and I felt her hand slide down my pussy and her soft fingers rubbed onto my clit. Her hands felt so damn good on me all oiled up. She stuck a finger inside of me and I let out a soft moan. I left for vacation under the impression that it would just be a boring family get together. Lord was I wrong. I had zero sexual expectations of this spa day until that moment.

I flipped over and sat up covering myself with the sheet just barely. I looked into her eyes and saw the nervousness flooding her. I dropped the sheet and pulled her closer to me and kissed her soft lips. My hand rubbed on her pregnant belly and slid into her pink scrub pants. I could feel how wet she was for me.

Kissing her and rubbing on her horny pregnant pussy.

She was softly moaning into my mouth while I tasted her tongue. I stuck a couple fingers inside of her and felt her wetness from the inside. It was so warm in there. When I pulled my hand out of her pants, I looked her in the eyes and sucked her juices off my fingers. Then, I started to pull down her pants and take off her top. I got her completely naked for me and laid her down on the massage table. For a second, I just admired her beautiful pregnant body. Next, I spread her legs and put my mouth right on her pussy. Licking, tasting, and massaging her with my warm tongue.

Her juices tasted so good and sweet. Pregnant women always have a sweeter taste to them. I still couldn’t believe this was really happening but I wasn’t going to complain. She tasted delicious her moans were intoxicating. I started to lick her clit as I put my fingers back inside her. She was so horny and I could really tell her husband wasn’t doing anything about it and hadn’t been for a while. It didn’t take too long before she came in my mouth.

I didn’t want to stop.

I wanted to keep making her cum over and over and over again until her feet hands were tingling. Being pregnant and not getting any action sexually is just cruel. Pregnant women are almost ALWAYS horny as hell. I kept licking her and fingering her warm pregnant pussy. I could tell she was having a hard time staying quiet. Obviously, she couldn’t get too loud because someone might hear us and spa’s are very quiet peaceful places. But I didn’t care, I kept licking her sensitive clit until her legs were shaking. I didn’t stop until I made her cum five times. We went thirty minutes over our hour and a half time together.

When I was done, she got dressed and kissed me and thanked me. I could see her legs felt like rubber when we walked out of the room so I could pay for my time. She didn’t charge me for the extra thirty minutes. Needless to say, I had a great vacation!

Part four

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