Vacation with Krystal!

So last week my vacation story was about the man at the hotel. This week’s story is about how I got a happy ending at my massage appointment! I mean if you don’t get a massage with a happy ending, is it really a vacation? LOL So anyway, it was a Friday afternoon and I had booked an hour and a half for myself at this really nice high end spa. I will tell you now, I was not expecting anything to happen at all. I was just happy to be getting a relaxing day at this spa. Okay, so the reason I wasn’t expecting anything else to come from the day was because my masseuse was a pregnant married woman.

Let me paint a picture for you.

She was about my age, 23 or 24. She had long beautiful black hair and blue eyes. When I say she was pregnant, I mean super pregnant. She must have been about seven months pregnant. And she was gorgeous! Everything started off normally, she gave me time to undress and get onto the table. When she came in we just kinda started chatting as she worked on my neck and massaging my scalp. She had very soft hands. We talked about all kinds of things and when she told me she was having problems with her husband, I wasn’t sure how to respond.

She told me her husband has been super distant since he heard about the pregnancy. They barely talk, let alone pleasure each other. So I gave her the best advice I could. I told her she deserves someone is there for her, emotionally and sexually. Especially during a pregnancy when everything is so heightened. I told her that if I were him, I would never let a woman like her slip between the cracks. I think that’s what did it for her.

She was quiet for a little bit while she worked on my back.

I still wasn’t expecting anything else to really come from that conversation but she had other ideas bubbling around her mind as she oiled my body up. Finally, she made her way down to my feet and calves. She started talking again. I had a feeling this vacation was going to turn into so much more than just a family thing.

“I just miss being touched. He never touches me anymore. I just crave the feeling of being touched.” She started moving up to my thighs. “I mean, you get it, right? Don’t I deserve to feel pleasure again? If he won’t give it to me, someone else is going to have to, right?” Her hands started traveling higher and higher up my inner thighs. I could feel myself getting wet, I knew exactly what she wanted from me.

“You’re right, someone needs to give you the pleasure you deserve. You’re pregnant and you deserve the best for bringing a life into this world.” I told her. Her warm oiled up hands brushed my wet pussy.

Part 3

Stayed for part four coming out on Saturday! See what happens next on this naughty vacation! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my audio!

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