Vacation with Krystal!

Of course, It didn’t take long to see him crack his door open for me. Just as I expected. Finally, now this vacation was about to get a lot more sexy! I wore my favorite lingerie outfit. All black and lacy, the panties had a slit in them for easy access and I wore my fishnet stockings and some sexy black stiletto heels! I covered myself in a long slim black button up jacket to walk to his room. After I let myself in, I closed the door behind me and immediately our eyes met. He looked so damn good, laying naked on that bed.

” So you’re the mysterious note leaving stranger I was telling you about?” He said as he started to slowly stroke his thick cock.

“I sure am.”  My coat dropped to the floor and his eyes got wide at the sight.

I swear I could see his cock get harder in that moment. Slowly, I made my way onto the bed and seductively crawled between his legs. My hand met his cock and he put his hands behind his head, just admiring my work. Keeping eye contact the whole time. I leaned down, with my ass in the air and my lips slowly taking every inch inside my mouth. With one of my hands, I massaged his cum filled balls as I took him in my throat. I started off slow, I always start slow and eventually building up the pace.

He was so hard and I wanted to taste his cream.

My mouth was loose and the more I sucked, the tighter my lips got around his cock. The tighter my lips got, the faster my pace got. I could feel the muscles in his thighs tighten as my pace and grip tightened. His pleasure got more and more heightened with every move I made. Finally, I felt his cock pulse and he let out a soft moan as burst in my throat. He tasted so good, I slurped up every drop! Then, It was my turn. I made my way up his body, kissing, licking and biting. Until, I had my wet pussy hoovering over his mouth.

He didn’t hesitate to taste my sweet juices. His warm tongue licking my wet slit felt so damn good! I started to grind my clit on his tongue and he stuck a couple fingers inside of me. Licking me and finger fucking until I came on his lips! Immediately, I want back down on top of his cock and slid his thick delicious cock inside my horny hole.

Bouncing up and down and moving my hips in circles. Then, he flipped me over and he was on top. I put my legs on his shoulders and let him pound me. After that, he made a move I was not expecting. I slid himself out of me and slowly pushed his cock into my ass. He kept eye contact the whole time. It wasn’t long after that when him and I both came super hard. He shot his load in my ass and my cum dripped down onto his cock. He pulled out and cleaned me all up like a gentleman!

Part Two!

If you enjoyed this, you would definitely love my audio! Listen to this true story from my own sweet lips! Stay tuned for next weeks blogs coming out on Thursday and Saturday! I will be sharing another sexy vacation story!


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