Vacation with Krystal!

To those client’s I already emailed about my vacation, you knew I was gone for about a month. God, I am so glad to be back! I have so much to tell everyone about my vacation so I decided to just put it in a blog! I was gone to visit some family for a little while and I had a really good time! If I’m being honest, it started off slow and boring so I decided to make it a little more pleasurable, if ya know what I mean!

I brought all of my favorite sex toys with me but after a while, those just weren’t scratching my itch. However, there was a really attractive man that was staying right down the hall from my hotel room. If you know anything about me, you know I love to be a tease. I like my men to beg for me. So what did I do?

I toyed with his head for few days.

I started off by leaving seductive notes taped to his door or I would slide them under his door while he was there. Sometimes, I would just leave a sexy picture of myself for him to find. I quickly gathered that he was in town for a business trip. He was always coming back to his room around the same time everyday. I wanted to make the best of this vacation.

On Fridays and Saturdays, he would be a little late because he would be at the hotel bar. That bar is where I first spoke to him after I had already left a few notes at his door. At this point, I hadn’t left any pictures of myself, only the notes. So he didn’t know who I was when I first approached him. He told me about his business trip and He told me all about how “some stranger” kept leaving notes at his door.

He had no idea!

I told him he should figure out who that stranger was and we both agreed to meet up again the following weekend. He tried to get my number and I told him to trust me and that we would definitely being seeing each other again. The next night after that, was when I left him a picture of myself. On the back of the picture I wrote ” – Some Stranger xoxo “.¬† ¬†This man had no idea my room was just two doors down from his. I only wish I could have seen the look on his face when he realized it was me the whole time!

After that, I would only send seductive pictures under his door. Some would say something sexy on the back and some wouldn’t say anything at all. Until finally, I was getting impatient. (By the way, this wasn’t the only crazy thing I did on this vacation! LOL) I wrote him a note with some instructions on it.

“If you are reading this, then you must have just gotten off work. I want you to get undressed, shower if you need to, and crack open your door.

– Some Stranger xoxo”

Part one

If you want to hear how the story ends, stay tuned for part two coming out on Saturday! Or, check out my audio and hear the seductive story from my own sweet lips!

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