Unintentional Femme – The Making of My Sissy Husband – Part 1

One night while getting our kink on, I jokingly asked my husband if he’d like to try on my lacy little red panties. He kind of laughed, then cocked his head before taking the pair from between my fingers. Slipping them up his legs, I protested. “You have to shave your legs first!” He cocked his eyebrow and went to the tub in this session of unintentional femme: the making of my sissy husband.

As he drew the bubbly water into the tub, I watched him ready his razor and shaving cream. He seemed even more excited than I was. Indeed, I knew he was on the feminine side, but never before had I seen him so willing to become my little bitch. 

After all, he knew he was going to get pegged wearing a skimpy little number like that.

I watched as he slathered the lavender-scented gel that instantly turned into a foam onto his hairy slim legs. As he raked the blade closely to his skin, the hair began to disappear and I could see the delight in his eyes. He rubbed up and down the slick areas on his damp skin. Instantly, I noticed just how much he enjoyed the freshly-shaven feeling.

Obviously, I needed to take it a step further… “Baby, you need to be completely bare.”

I began stroking his low-hanging balls with the shaving cream. His excitement grew as did his cock. Nice and hard by the time I had him all ready to begin. “Next time we should wax you”, I whispered in his ear. When I drew back, I nibbled at his ear which sent a shockwave through his body.

He loved it when I did this. Ya know, played with his ears with my tongue. I can do amazing things with my tongue, my teeth… my mouth.

“You know what else I like to use? My fingers to stretch, prep… get that sweet little hole ready. Is your man pussy ready?”

I reached into the water between his legs, spread wide. I began to massage that puckered little whore-hole. It was so warm and tight as I plunged my fingers deep inside, one at a time, until I reached that swelling button.

His prostate, that special boy g-spot, was so fucking ready!

When his fuck-hole tightened around my fingers and that pulsating g-spot swelled tightly around my fingers, my pussy began to gush with excitement. I knew then that I would be able to dominate his hole and leave him wanting more. The overwhelming feeling of lust embodied me as I imagined taking on the masculine role.

He wanted it so fucking bad and moaned as I pushed in and out of his hungry hole. Then he started stroking his cock, and I had to stop him. After all, he was trying to hurry a process that should take time and finess. 

I wanted to dress him up and make him into my nasty little cocksucker!

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