Unintentional Femme: The Making of My Sissy Husband – Part 2

Once he was completely shaven, he got up with his body dripping wet. As the water drained from the tub, I looked over his hairless body. His slick chest, his smooth legs, and his scrumptious bare genitalia were presented before me. I helped pat him dry during this Unintentional Femme: The Making of My Sissy Husband.

While I patted him dry, I began thinking about all the dirty little things I wanted to do. Surely, I would make him my skimpy little bitch, my dirty little whore. And I knew, this was all he really wanted.

Immediately, he fell to my whims.

I slathered him up generously with a sweet medley of oils. Continuously, his skin drank in the moisture, leaving his skin soft and supple. The fragrance of luscious flowers lingered on his skin and I breathed them in; enjoying the pleasant scent.

Then, I left the room only to return a few minutes later. I brought in a pair of panties, pink lace, that I had bought from Amazon only the week before. There was a nice line down the back with a sheer area for his round cheeks to be viewed. The laced area that helped his average-sized schlong; actually enhanced the size to make him look even more endowed than he really was. The fit was phenomenal!

Slipping them up his thighs, one leg at a time made me realize how attractive he could be as my little femme doll. Once on, I gazed at him with wide eyes and a huge smile. Indeed, he was sexy! And, he was all mine!

Although I really had not planned this venture, I had hoped one day I would get this opportunity.

The excitement overwhelmed me as I ran out of the room and raided my closet for some more flexible, sexy lingerie that I might be able to squeeze him into. After all, I knew I could find something that would look super hot on his radiant smooth body. A skimpy lacy garter and soft hosiery would suffice.

While he slipped on the beautiful color-coordinated garments, I slipped on my largest big black strap-on. Naturally, the length was amazing at 12 inches, but the girth was the real treat. Indeed, it was as thick as my wrist. And this sudden thought of comparison gave me an even greater idea.

We had never tried fisting before and I thought, “tonight might be that night”.

Once he was dressed, I looked him up and down while complimenting him on every little stitch and curve. I wanted him to feel pretty… and slutty. So, I turned him around and handcuffed him to the bed. Then I wet my big cock and slid it up and down his slit, then round and round while plunging slowly into his gurly fuckhole.

Before I knew it, I was deep inside his ass and my pussy was dripping wet from the excitement. I plunged in and out, harder and harder, until he was screaming like the little bitch he was. Before his man-clit could squirt, I slid my cock from his gaping hole and lubed up my fist.

“You are going to love this, you nasty little whore!”

I worked my hand and half-way up my arm into his man-pussy as he squealed with absolute pleasure. Can you imagine? I was so surprised we had not tried this before!

As I picked up the pace, his ass began to twitch.  The ejaculation was nothing less than an extreme load. In the end I asked my little slut if he’d enjoyed himself. Oh yeah, he did! Seemingly enough, since he asks for it all of the time now!


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  1. Gale August 22, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    As you slid that cock into his ass I wish that had been me and I came so hard


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