Uncle Oral Sex Fantasy – Natalie Has A Crush On Her Uncle – Part 4

Welcome back for more uncle oral sex fantasy! Enjoy the sexy conclusion to Part 3!

My legs spasm as my pussy gets licked for the first time.

It’s so slippery and wet! I don’t know what to make of it! At first I’m giggling, but then my giggles turn to moans the more you lick. I start to realize that this feels good… like, REALLY good. My nipples harden and my body grows tense. That feeling is creeping up again. That amazing feeling I had on your cock. That feeling I can’t stop thinking about. I can feel it, it’s coming! I squeal and clutch your head with both my hands as the orgasm rolls through me. My sweet, creamy nectar fills my pussy, and you lap up every bit of it. My body is shaking as you lick my juices off your lips. You kiss me, and tell me we’re just getting started.

My eyes widen as you pull your huge cock out.

I think to myself there’s no WAY that huge thing fits inside me! Laying underneath you, your cock pointed firmly at me, it looks even bigger than it did when I was on top. You’re so turned on that I’m intimidated by your cock, even after I’ve already had it inside me. With an evil grin, you move your hips back and forth a bit. My jaw drops as I stare in awe at your massive swinging cock. Mmmmm, my open mouth looks very inviting. You crawl on top of me, dicking dangling over my face. “Go on Natalie. Give it a kiss.” I kiss it, and you moan with pleasure. Hearing this, I kiss it again. “Just treat it like a big sucker sweetie. Take a deep breath, then take as much of it in your mouth as you can..”

I open my mouth as wide as I can.

Your dick is so huge, it even stretches out my mouth! As you plunge your dick down my throat, I struggle to breathe, but don’t push you off. You slowly thrust, not letting me up for air. You’re impressed by how well I throat your dick. Not even my aunt can take it like I am! You pull your dick out of my mouth and I gasp for air. It’s so hot how overwhelmed I am by your huge cock. That was the best head you’ve ever had.  You’re going to do it again- and this time you’ll cum. “Open up Natalie. Put it back in your mouth.”

“I’m gonna give you something else to swallow.”

You shove your cock hard down my throat. “You’re fine Natalie. Just relax and swallow what I give you.” You feel it relax, and slide your whole dick down. That’s it. Just a few minutes and you’ll cum. You hear me make a muffled sound, and think for a moment I’m trying to say something, but you don’t care. The only thing you can think of is how incredible my mouth feels. “Here it comes Natalie. Swallow it.” You grunt & give a final thrust into my face, pouring your cum down my throat. You hear a tiny gasp and look over your shoulder- it’s your daughter.  You quickly pull your cock out of my mouth. Before you can think of anything to say, your daughter shyly asks, “…can I try it too?”


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Four and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my own sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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