Jill watched Carly drive away and couldn’t help but glow.

She also wondered to herself how she was ever going to tell her husband, Steve about her feelings for Carly. After all, two’s company and three can be a crowd. Even though they have a very open relationship, she had never felt this way about another woman before. Every other little slut they had brought home to share before had been strictly to use for their mutual sexual satisfaction. However, Jill felt something more for Carly, or at least she thought she did. Jill leaned up against the wall in the hall & closed her eyes.

 She saw Carly kneeling before her in the shower giving her oral pleasure and her hand instinctively traced its way down to her shorts. Jill suddenly, remembered the camera and recording device she & Steve installed in their bathroom to record themselves along with any other little sluts Jill seduced into coming home with them. She closed the door to the bedroom and picked up the remote to turn on the TV and DVD player/recorder. If all worked right, the recorder picked up the movement in the master bath and began recording when the two women entered. Jill hit play on the remote, hoping it did.

Sure enough, there was Jill with her back to the shower wall and Carly on her knees with her face buried between Jill’s thighs. Jill had been with many women before, but she couldn’t seem to get Carly out of her thoughts. Two’s company is all she could think about. And she wanted that company to be Carly. Watching the action on the TV, Jill became really turned on.  Once again her hand wandered down, sliding into her shorts. Her fingers found her wetness and she let out a long, subtle groan.


Jill didn’t  want to waste this feeling.

She shed her t-shirt, shorts & panties and was soon naked and grabbing two of her favorite toys, her black 12″ dildo & smooth 6″ anal vibe. She began to slowly pleasure herself. Wrapping her mouth around the head of the big dildo, Jill sucked on the tip, getting it wet, while her other hand pulled on her nipples, getting them nice & hard. Jill slid the dildo down to her pussy and spreading her legs, guided the monster cock up into her hole. Only her husband felt better inside of her, she thought.

Slowly, Jill began to pump the dildo in and out as she grabbed her left breast.  She brought the nipple to her mouth, encircling the nipple with her tongue, she sucked it into her wet mouth. Jill’s pussy continued to suck in the fake cock and her desperate thrusts began to speed up. With her left hand, Jill searched for the smooth anal vibe. She again brought it to her mouth to get it wet. She turned over onto her stomach, right hand holding on and thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy. Jill reached back sliding the anal vibe over her backdoor and into her ass. Relaxing to accept the smooth vibe, Jill pushed all of it in and turned it on low, sending little waves of pleasure to her ass & pussy. Grunting and moaning louder, she buried all of her dildo into her cunt. Using her right hand, she rubbed her clit. As she rubbed her clit harder, grinding the dildo deeper into her pussy, Jill turned up the vibe in her ass and screaming, her body shuddered with a wonderful orgasm.

As her body continued to shudder with little orgasmic waves, Jill pulled out her toys. Feeling completely satisfied, she fell asleep with a very content smile on her face.

Be sure to check back Wednesday for the rest of the story here. Can’t wait for part 2? You can listen to the audio of my sexy story in my hot voice here!  

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